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There are still small lamps of freedom burning in Europe – the Veiling of Sculptures in a Europe is one such campaign.

Throughout the night on 6th of March they have successfully continued their statue veiling campaign hoping to inspire the public to discussion concerning Islamisation and associated taboo subjects. By veiling statues in Berlin, Braunschweig, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Helsinki, Moscow, Tampere, and Turku, the campaign has expanded their activities to Germany, Finland and Russia within six months.

Each of 8 city statues has been veiled with a Burqa or headscarf, and referring to basic European values, the statues have been fitted with an armband reading “gender equality!”

In addition, every statue has been fitted with a signboard comparing an Article from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 1948, and on the other hand quotation from Quran regarding its treatment towards women.

Here are some pictures from their site.

See others here.

From their press release.

The aim of the campaign is to refer to the creeping Islamisation endangering the European idea of UNITY IN DIVERSITY and other similar cultural achievements of the liberal thinking world. Particularly, the phenomenom that Muslim women wear increasingly Burqa or headscarfs, is a visible _expression of the challenge and threat to our liberal societies with their values such as women’s rights, democracy, liberal and secular thinking.

With this campaign, we would like to increase public awareness of our liberal values and to advocate them. The liberal achievements such as equal rights of men and women, individual freedom, Human Rights, and the dignity of each individual are no negotiable values! We would like to point out that substantial and partly irreconcilable differences exist between the Muslim and the liberal thinking world.

Every citizen – native or foreign – need to aware of all basic laws which are enacted in their country. One of these basic laws is the equality of men and women. The fact that in our liberal western societies people have to live inhibited is a sign for the failed integration as well as a sign that liberal thinking and Muslim values are hardly compatible.

Nuff said.

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