From The Gathering Storm

What all pundits on the Left and most political analysts on the Right miss is the relationship between Muslims and the Ummah. Both can’t seem to get it through their knobby heads that Muslims see themselves belonging not to the nation the live in whether it be Islamic or non-Islamic, but to the Ummah – the world-wide community of Muslims or the nation of Islam.

This belief is no secret. Muslims openly admit that theirs is a supra-national identity that demands loyalty beyond any nation state.

Addressing the closing session of the 34th Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, Prime Minister (Shaukat Aziz of Pakistan) asked the Ummah to show solidarity and unity to respond to the challenges facing them on all political, social, economic and cultural issues.

He said the conference was held “at a critical period for the entire Muslim Ummah” when collectively and individually as countries, it was facing a range of grave challenges and risks. The Muslim world, he said, not only faces challenges but also has numerous opportunities and needs unity and commonality of purpose to work for collective good of the Ummah.

Prime Minister Aziz said there was also a need to reconcile differences among Islamic States and peoples. “We shall oppose all schemes to divide the Muslim Ummah,” he emphasized.

Remember – this is the same conference that stated that Islamaphobia was the “worst form of terrorism in the world today” which they further defined as any criticism of Islam. When even their leadership sees the Ummah as a supra-national state dictated by the law of Sharia, it’s easy to understand that it’s us against them. Democracy against totalitarianism, freedom against tyranny.

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