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The jihadists have successfully used what is called now the Madrid Precedent. Will they try the same think on our Presidential election? Will it work? If the Democrats get elected it most certainly will.

The Madrid Precedent gets its name from the terrorist attacks on Spain on 3-11.

In the post-attack wave of hysteria, “Socialist peace candidate” Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was elected Spain’s prime minister. He immediately withdrew Spanish troops serving in Iraq.

Hence the Madrid Precedent — attack a democracy just before an election with the aim of electing a “peace candidate” who thinks al-Qaida’s killers can be appeased.

But it also appeals to their experience that the free world will retreat when confronted with terrorism. The Jihadists knows that the Precedent has worked in the past – even on the US. Remember Beirut (U.S. Marine barracks, 1983) and Mogadishu (“Blackhawk Down,” 1993)? This fits well al-Qaida’s planners in their “Letters to the Africa Corps” which states that if “we kill enough, they will withdraw.”

Meanwhile, back in the United States: Democratic candidate Barack Obama promises a rapid withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. I can’t call his plan the Obama Precedent because Hillary Clinton has toyed with the idea — of course, she toys with many ideas, depending on the crowd.

Will, if elected, Obama create an Iraq Precedent? Or will he follow the advice of the CIA Agent played by Godfrey Cambridge given to James Coburn in The President’s Analyst.

“Look, you want to save the world? You’re the great humanitarian? Take the gun!

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