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Want to understand the war that we are in whether we like it or not? Then these three books should be on the top of your reading list.

From Denenberg’s Commentary in the Bulletin.

This trilogy may be the most important reading of recent decades. It will convince any reasonable mind that our lives are at stake and so is our civilization.

Of course, those who believe that war is an elective even if you are under attack, and believe that you can say “I’m not participating” and the war will go away, will not be convinced. Furthermore, those who believe in the approach of current French government, “negotiate, appease, retreat, and surrender,” will also not be convinced. Finally, those who think we should conduct wars by opinion polling and then micromanage wars in an attempt to run, cut and capitulate will also not be convinced.

The three books are Mark Steyn, America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It (2006), Melanie Phillips, Londonistan (2005), and Bruce Bawer, While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying The West From Within (2006).

The books pretty much demonstrate Europe is already gone, and has committed cultural suicide while surrendering to radical Islam. The United States may not be far behind unless we change our approach. The three books describe the problem and offer solutions. All three should have received nothing but readers and prizes, but a funny thing happened to Bawer. It was nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award from a prestigious book group, but some involved in the process accused Bawer of being a racist, apparently because he offered criticism of radical Islam.

There’s that damn idiocy again! Islam is NOT a race!! Why doesn’t someone grab the scruff of the neck of anyone who says such dribble and shake some sense into them? Where the hell are the senior editors at newspapers sworn to uphold journalistic integrity? Where the hell are the politically correct imbeciles who should run to the defense of real racist remarks and say such nonsense cheapens their fight against bigotry and prejudice? Where are the ethnic minorities themselves who are affronted by such sloppy thinking and racial equivalency?

One board member of the Circle, Eliot Weinberg, said the book was “racism as criticism.” The President of the Circle said, “It’s hyperventilated rhetoric slips from actual critique into Islamophobia.” As far as I can tell such critics themselves did not speak to substance, but spoke only in their own hyperventilated and irrational rhetoric by condemning the book in hollow generalities, ignoring the most threatening facts and realities of our time.

How true. But just like a liberal mind – feel, don’t think.

Bawer had the perfect response: “As I and many others have pointed out a few million times, radical Islam is not a race…But it’s easy – and in some circles highly effective – to fling the ‘R’ word instead of trying to respond to irrefutable facts and arguments.” He continues, “One of the most disgraceful developments of our time is that many Western authors and intellectuals who pride themselves on being liberals have effectively aligned themselves with an outrageously illiberal movement that rejects equal rights for women, that believes gays and Jews should be executed, that supports the cold-blooded murder of one’s own children in the name of honor, etc., etc. These authors and intellectuals respond to every criticism of that chilling fundamentalist code – however cogent and correct the criticism may be – by hurling the ‘R’ word. I will not be cowed by such dangerous, duplicitous rhetoric. Civilized, tolerant, pluralistic values are at stake – values that affect freedom loving individuals of all races.”


Then Bawer exposes his critics for the hypocritical, left-wing loonies and phonies they are: “Some people think it is terrific for writers to expose the offenses and perils of religious fundamentalism – just as long as it’s Christian fundamentalism.”

Ron Dreher, who has written a book critical of Christian fundamentalist, writes that this is the standard approach of the left – to yell bigotry at any ideas they don’t want to confront, or perhaps can’t logically respond to.

See my comment above about liberals who feel and don’t think.

Because the left views criticism of radical Islam as bigotry, it has failed to rationally respond to this existential threat to our civilization. For that reason, Europe has virtually surrendered its civilization to the on-rushing Islamic fundamentalists and the demands of Islam.

Dreher makes another point deadly to the critics of Bawer: “It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that this sort of liberal hates political conservatives and orthodox Christians more than he loves his own liberty.”

Say that again? Are you listening liberals?

“…this sort of liberal hates political conservatives and orthodox Christians more than he loves his own liberty.”

‘nuff said.

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