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I’m not much of a network TV fan but having heard so much about the show 24 I decided to finally watch the season opener. It started out with the one our worst nightmares. Islamic homicide bombers were blowing themselves up in malls, hotels, restaurants and on buses in cities across the country. Faced with a growing national paranoia, the President’s security advisor strongly suggests setting up detention camps for “anyone who prays to Mecca” to intern suspected Muslim terrorists.

Of course there was the usual banter about civil rights being violated and comparisons to the Japanese and German internment camps here in this country during WW II. Both sides of the issue were discussed briefly and one point important point was made. If we alienated the American Muslim population they would cease their help finding and identifying extremists in their community. Hopeful thinking based on much of today’s Muslim behavior? Perhaps.

That aside, I waited patiently to see how the show would tackle the internment issue. But TV being what it is, taking on such complex subjects is too much even for a show like 24. No. The show’s answer to the constitutional crisis was a simple one. If they found the terrorist leader in the country directing the attacks, the carnage would cease. So, off to get the bad guy whoever it turns out to be and peace and security in the country will be restored.

I guess the writers haven’t heard of Zarqawi. We killed him and the terrorist attacks continued.

The problem is this. If and when Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood or any other well entrenched terrorist cells in this country get the order to turn the US into a killing field and make Americans cower behind closed doors in fear, it will be too late to separate the good Muslims from the bad and the end result would be the demand to intern anyone who does prays to Mecca.

At that point the Rubicon had been crossed and a Constitutional crises would arise in this country unlike anything since the Civil War. It will be too late to go back. Americans will demand that administration officials take immediate action or they will themselves.

How to prevent this? By informing the general public NOW who the enemyis, what their goals are and the tactics they are using to advance their agenda and multiculturalism and political correctness be damned!

The enemy is not Islam but a virulent ideology that stems from it. This ideology is Islamism and its goal is the world domination of a fundamental form of Islam that adheres to a literal selection of Koranic verse and a repressive set of rules called Sharia law. Those that support and advance the ideology of Islamism do so through the use of Jihad. There are several forms of Jihad that the Islamists are using to dominate the non-Muslim world. Militant Jihad or terrorism, is the violent means of Jihad. But there are non-violent ones as well.

They are:

Cultural jihad

Economic jihad

Demographic jihad

Litigation jihad

Institutional jihad

Financial jihad

Media jihad.

Thugery jihad

Criminal jihad

By not recognizing these non-violent means as forms of Jihad that must be confronted and defeated, we lay the foundation for a Constitutional crises in this country as a result of a fear and anger against anyone that may be Muslim when the ‘crap hits the fan.’

What must we do? Our leaders must be truthful with the American people and prepare them now. Tell them who the real enemy is so when the time comes to ‘sort out’ who are the friendlies and who are not, this country can make rational and objective decisions when faced with homicide bombers killing themselves and innocent civilians – or worse – a terrorist nuclear detonation, dirty or otherwise, on our soil.

Once Americans know who the enemy is and how they are advancing their agenda, we must persuade the Muslim community in this country to stand up for what they are for, not just against. Muslims and Muslim organizations must go on the offensive and criticize and distance themselves from organizations like CAIR and the activities they support instead of crying Islamophobe when these organizations are criticized. American Muslims should shun clerics and mosques that speak of hate and anti-Americanism. They should volunteer as translators for our intelligence community and report suspicious activities and persons in their communities.

Non-Muslims should err on the side of the Judeo-Christian values when confronted in court or in our institutions when asking us to make a choice between our culture and that of one alien to our freedoms and beliefs. Ours is worth defending and not only on the battlefield but in the courts, communities, schools, churches and other institutions in this country.

The time to act is now. We need leaders who will toss the PC playbook out the window and admit that not all cultures and their ‘isms’ are equal. We had no problem seeing fascism and Marxism as antithetical to our beliefs and we confronted them. We should so now with Islamism.
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