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The Democrats and Leftists have been beating the inane drum of how we are creating more terrorists by fighting on the global front of Islamism in Iraq. You really can’t expect any kind of educated analysis from those who are a product of a liberal education system. But that’s another story.

Let’s see what the enemy thinks about the Iraq front against the Islamist Jihadists because if the Left actually thought about the meaning of the war they may find that the Jihadists don’t agree with their analysis as this jihadist fighting in Iraq tells us.

“In regards to the bill in the U.S. Congress for the upcoming withdrawal from Iraq, I would comment that this is a normal response to what is occurring. It is the result of the efforts of your brothers among the mujahideen… our next step… is to establish an Islamic State. We will start by setting free all of the Muslim lands from the oppressor regimes. Of course, we have not forgotten about Palestine, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Andalusia [Spain], the Philippines, and all the other countries… The Islamic State of Iraq is seeking to export the jihad to neighboring countries… The jihad that began in Muslim Afghanistan and then spread to Iraq shall not stop there and will not be limited by any border… The Islamic State of Iraq will make sure the jihad will not stop until it reaches Jerusalem… We inform the Jews, we inform the lowlife Olmert, and we inform the apostate [Arab] rulers who support them that the jihad is here, Islam is here, and the followers of the Prophet are here.”

Got that dhimmicrats?

Of course not. To them and the moonbats that support them what we have is just a “small minority” of jihadists braying that they will takeover the world now and like in 1939, and training the next generation to hate now and like in 1939, and using intimidation and thuggery worldwide now and like in 1939.

Get the picture, Dhimmicrats?

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