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A simple recipe for the success of the global Islamist insurgency is one part intimidation, one part infiltration, one part disinformation and two parts of the appeasing and apologizing of the ‘useful idiots’.

But Foehammer’s Anvil has one just as good.

1 ) Create an atmosphere of fear.

2 ) Squash free speech through that fear.

3 ) Alienate Western democratic governments from their own people through the paranoia surrounding terrorist events and the culture of fear.

4 ) Alienate the Jews from the world until such time that Israel can be destroyed, especially through “world” bodies like the United Nations and by fomenting anti-Semetism in the West.

5 ) Squash the will of the American and European people to fight the jihad longterm by using the “Death by 1000 Cuts” strategy in Iraq and wherever else it can be maintained perpetually using martyrs, Al Qaeda, etc. Use terrorism, sectarian violence, open jihad and “good cop, bad cop” strategies.

6 ) Populate all nations with as many Muslims as possible and slowly usurp their populations, especially in low-Western birth nations throughout Europe. Increase the Muslim birthrate whenever possible and especially marry non-Islamic women and “revert” them as a priority.

7 ) Lobby for changes to laws in all nations to better serve the jihad through the perpetuation of myths like “Islamophobia.” Ally with the far Left to accomplish this whenever prudent. Fabricate and instigate media events in order to sway public opinion also (i.e. the US Airways Imams).

8 ) “Revert” first the lowliest elements in Western nations like their criminals and ill-educated, then once the “culture of fear” sets in, perpetuate further “reversions” to Islam through political overtures like those used by Ahmadinejad in his letters. Use college campuses, too, and prey upon the young, liberal idealists who are especially ignorant of the teachings of the Qur’an but will quickly drink up the fight for the “enlightened barbarians” from the Middle East.

9 ) Kill as many of the stubborn “polytheists” that are left over as necessary in order to further the ends of 1-7 and especially #8. Use of WMDs, poisons, outright murder — as long as the “good cop, bad cop” strategy can be maintained by the ruling Islamic leaders to keep the world entangled in political red tape, it’s all fair.

10 ) Mix well and repeat.

11 ) Be patient.

12 ) Islamic victory.

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