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Cue a children’s program on Hizbollah TV:

A ten-year old daughter of a suicide bomber comes on and says:

“I have often prayed for my father to be martyred. I am very happy that God heard my prayers

From the Editor-in-Chief: Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman of the International News.

Is it human for a ten-year old to actually celebrate the death of her father? Is it human for a mother to actually rejoice at the loss of her son? Only in a society that glamorizes death (and not life). Only when one is brought up in a ‘culture of death’. Only where twisted logic is indoctrinated as the ultimate truth.

In Pakistan, ten thousand madrassahs prepare two million martyrs a year. On top of that, 198,166 primary, middle and secondary schools are working hard at manufacturing 27 million closet martyrs. Walk into any classroom of any government-run school and ninety-five per cent of what’s on display is martyrs. What we have thus managed to create is an ideal ‘culture of death’; a whole society of death worshippers.

And it’s all done with a simple curriculum for children K thru 5.

Here’s the official curriculum document for classes K-V, National Bureau of Curriculum and Textbooks, Federal Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan (1995): “At the completion of Class-V, the child should be able to: Make speeches on jihad and shahadat; India’s evil designs against Pakistan; acknowledge and identify forces that may be working against Pakistan [pg 154].” The document further instructs teachers: “To judge their spirits while making speeches on jihad…..” Another prescribed ‘learning outcome’ is to “recognise the importance of jihad in every sphere of life.” Textbooks prescribed by the Punjab Textbook Board eulogise “jihad and shahadat” and routinely urge students to “become mujahids and martyrs”. Middle school textbooks have long been urging children to be “willing to die as martyrs for Islam.”

Schools and madrassahs determine what a nation is destined to become in the future. For us, that future is here because we have long let our madressahs and schools churn out brigades of death worshippers. Glamorisation of death — not life — and long years of death worshipping degenerate into suicide bombings.

Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman, a Muslim, is saddened by what passes for education in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and warns the West of the Islamist tactics learned well by every dictator in the 20th Century. Control and indoctrinate the next generation and you can make a nation easily bend to the will of the tyrant. At least there are some voices speaking out in Pakistan at the aberration of the religion called Islam.

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