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Muslims better get their stories straight. They beat the drum over and over and over that there is no compulsion in Islam. Yet we have seen individual examples that this is not the case.

But now, Egypt makes it official. There is compulsion in Islam.

An Egyptian administrative court rejected today the case of an ex-Muslim converted to Christianity that requested to change his name and his religion from Muslim to Christian on his national identity card.

In explaining their verdict, the judges declared that they were guided by the heavenly court better wisdom, to respect the order in which the three religions were revealed, Judaism, Christianity and then Islam as the final religion. They interpreted this as heaven’s verdict, to allow the Jew and the Christian to convert to the (better and final) religion of Islam but not the other way around.

So go reason with that. You can’t. You can’t reason with theocracy. It has nothing ot do with logic only belief.

The Judges went on and issued a very explicit warning, to Mohamed Hegazy, his wife and their lawyer, that going against the tide would provoke civil unrest and exacerbate emotions in the Egyptian society. [A coded veiled threat to Hegazy, his wife and Christians in general].

Meaning “Don’t make use violence. You know we’re a peaceful religion.”

The panel of judges went on to explain that, “Freedom of religion doesn’t mean getting in and out of Islam to another religion, but only means that each person is free to practice his own religious rites, and not playing games with Islam or contradicting the Sha’ria law.

Meaning, freedoms are fine. Just don’t dare to exercise them.

Now the bad news.

1- If you get caught going to a church while your religion on your id is Muslim that could get you arrested, questioned and tortured. Many ex-Muslims didn’t come out alive from the hands of the security apparatus. The latest victim was a 27 years old woman, Mrs. Sherreen, mother of 2 children from Alexandria , Egypt. She died at the police station on January 3, 2008 after five hours of torture for refusing to renounce her Christian faith and come back to Islam. As you read this, hundreds of ex-Muslims are in jails.

2- If your Christian religion is not specified on your ID, your children are automatically registered as Muslim in their birth certificate and they should follow mandatory Islamic “religion” indoctrination classes at school.

3- Egyptian law forbids a Muslim to marry in a Church.

4- An ex-Muslim convert to Christianity that still has Muslim as a religion on his id can still marry a Christian girl in a civil marriage, but they would be faced with the children assigned to Islam and required to go through mandatory Islamic education. Technically it is allowed since by (Islamic segregationist) laws a Muslim man can marry a Christian or a Jewish girl (Muslims like to boast about this as proof of Islam’s tolerance towards Jews and Christians). But a converted ex-Muslim woman cannot marry a Christian man as long as her religion is not changed on her id card. There are thousands of cases like that. Their only option is to leave the country to have a normal life.

5- To apply for any job, even as a street sweeper or a shoe shine position you have to state your religion on the job application. For a Muslim convert to Christianity to write down that he’s a Muslim just to match what’s on his id is equivalent to denying his faith. And if he tells the truth, he would be a target to the thugs looking to offer a sacrifice to their blood thirsty Allah.

So repeat after me. There is no compulsion of religion in Islam. There is no compulsion of religion in Islam. There is no compulsion of religion in Islam. There is no compulsion of religion in Islam.

Say it enough times and you believe the Big Lie.

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