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We all know that that the Left has done its best to get into bed with Islam through appeasement and apologies. They have had a good deal to do with enabling political Islam to grow in the free countries and moderate Muslim countries like in Asia. Through books, speeches, web sites, institutions, organizations and universities, the incessant denial of political Islam runs rampant. As political Islam’s useful idiots they have helped advance it throughout moderate Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

But the useful idiots of the Left not only enable the political agenda of Islam to move forward with its denials but even more important the Left, over the last 40 years has, systematically fertilized the driving strategy of radical Islam with its liberal manure or what they like to call their Progressive ideology. Over the last 40 years, and thanks to the liberal Left throughout the world, freedom has lead to license and our culture has devolved into a ‘classless’ society – one that the tenets of Islam can not tolerate.

And I’m not talking about the utopian dream of Karl Marx ‘classless’ world.

By class, I don’t mean snobbery, arrogance or conceit. Nor do I mean something reserved for the well to do, affluent or wealthy. No. I’m talking about a something that endures and remains the same throughout the ages and not limited to a social group or type of person. I’m talking about class as style – a style that never goes out of style.

Anyone can have class – even a society. Someone with class has a certain elegance of style, taste, and manner, one that is altruistic, noble, selfless – even courageous. This is the class I’m talking about – the class that Progressive Liberals have done a good job driving from ourselves and our society over the last 40 years.

The liberal Left that has raised classlessness to a high art. It now permeates every facet of our society and psyche. We want it. Crave it. We can’t seem to get enough of it. Everywhere we turn we see it. Newspapers and magazines shout it from supermarket checkout stands, TV wantonly parades it through our living rooms, and talk shows scream it from our radios. Bumper stickers assault us with it. T-shirt phrases insult us with it. Video games indulge in it. Kids’ dress delights in it.

Yep. Marx, that utopian dreamer, would be proud. The liberal Left under the banners of free speech and political correctness has done a pretty good job of driving class from our society. And it has done another thing. It fuels the Islamist’s agenda and shows to the vast majority of everyday Muslims that western civilization is decadent and a threat to their values and beliefs. The Islamists point out time and time again how our ‘freedoms’ have lead to a self-indulgent and immoral society.

A case in point is Muslim women. An ABC news article reports that Muslim women want western rights, but not western culture.

“A new Gallup survey — which conducted 1,000 face-to-face interviews in countries including Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey — found most Muslim women wanted the right to vote freely, to drive on their own, to work outside the home, and even to undertake leadership roles within their society. Though Muslim women acknowledged women had more rights in the West, the study found they didn’t want their own societies to adopt Western values. The Gallup study concluded Muslim women tended to regard Western culture as morally corrupt and obsessed with sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

Dalia Mogahed, executive director of Gallup Muslim Studies, who conducted the survey, says Muslim women see a breakdown of traditional values in the West. “Sexual freedom portrayed in Western media is actually degrading to women, not a form of liberation.”

Traditional values? Hmmm. Sound familiar? Isn’t that the mantra of the conservative?

America is a threat to the Islamic culture but it’s not the conservative right that is to blame, but the Left itself. Look at what the left defends. This is their agenda.

Pornography, Gangster Rap, classless TV and radios shows like Sex in the City, South Park, Family Guy and Howard Stern, nudity, sex and vulgar language in movies, homosexuality, single parent families, freedom of speech and expression unrestrained by responsibility, and attacks on the Judeo-Christian religion, to name just a few.

The agenda of the Right – family values, anti-gay marriage, anti-single parenthood, celebration of religious holidays in public, and upholding the Judeo-Christian culture. Almost the direct opposite of what the Left holds – and interestingly enough – a lot of what Muslims believe – except for the Judeo-Christian culture part.

Yep. I can see the rotten fruits and vegetables – or worse – ready for throwing for what I said about our supposed freedom of expression without responsibly for that expression. The Spice Girls are a perfect example. They berate our country and then whine when people don’t buy their albums because of their political rantings. Ditto for lefty celebrities.

Last week, the IBA referenced an article in the Sunday Sun where Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said perceptions of Muslims were so negative there was a danger that people’s minds would be “poisoned as they were in the Thirties”. The unspoken meaning of his choice of words was that he believed Britain was turning into Nazi Germany.

That of course is absurd and though he didn’t actually say the word ‘Nazis’ in the article, we pretty much knew what he meant. Anyone following the incessant attempts of Muslims to paint themselves as victims as they try to impose their values and beliefs on a non-Muslim world knows right away that this was just another way of saying that Muslims were the new Jews.

I read the comments that were left by readers of the article in the Sunday Sun and was struck by this one.

“Personally I don’t have any problem with what he has said and judging by the comments here (terrorists, immigrants) it is obvious he is right. How many of you actually know any people from the Islamic community or take the time to find out? None I suspect.”

“Why should people go home when they are born here? Stop drinking in public places – makes sense to me. Divorce, one parent families, binge drinkers, thugs, dwindling church congrgations, failing education, killings, shootings, stabbings – this is the real state of english society. It’s always the english way to blame it all on Johnny foreigner though – wake up to reality? We can certainly learn from others.”

Muslim reactions to those of our modern social values are very close to those of fundamentalist Christians like Pat Robertson, and others like him, who abhors Halloween, who thinks that 9-11 was a punishment of God for us supporting gay people, and other fringe ideas that would bring the Christian religion back to the days of witch burnings.

I’m ducking the bricker bats. But I’ll go on from a Muslim point of view and how the Left has unknowingly enabled the spread of political Islam.

In an article at the Islamic Thinkers Society (ITS) entitled ‘Freedom or Free-dumb: The Shocking Truth’, the author, who remains anonymous, makes the case that freedom as practiced by the secular democracies is a farce, and that in reality, freedom is nothing but uncontrolled license. And he does have a point but his understanding of the challenges of a free society do not necessarily point to his solution. As Charles Krauthammer noted in, one of the reasons Islam is fighting “the great jihad” against America has to do with sexual depravity. The jihadists claim that wherever freedom travels — “especially in America and Europe — it brings sexual license and corruption, decadence and depravity.”

The writer of the ITS article states examples like “In UCLA, two in every three males said they would rape a woman if they knew they would not get caught. Wait, it gets better. When Uncle Sam’s not around, some love practicing “freedom” on young children by molesting them. The North American Men’s and Boy’s Lovers Association (NAMBLA) even encourages molestation, and maybe if they got enough money they could lobby as democracy allows, and legalize it. What also should be noted are the ever-evolving laws under Democracy. Several years ago Homosexuality was prohibited, now it’s legal. Once pre-marital sex was an abomination, now it’s natural. Perhaps rape and child molestation (NAMBLA), now considered horrifying will be legalized one day.”

Does he exaggerate? I don’t know. Ask the Left.

His reason for these ‘atrocities’ against humanity is that “man, with his limited mind, is incapable of legislating justly. With reactionary laws, democracy is impotent when faced with new and ever occurring problems of society.” He’s supported in his ideas by, a foremost thinker of contemporary political Islam, Sayyid Qutb in the 1950s who maintained that “a deep civilizational crisis of the West’ would be resolved by creating an Islamic dominance.”

You know where this going, don’t you? But bear with me.

The far secular Left sees the world in relativistic terms. All people are equal. All societies are equal. All ideas are equal. I’m OK, you’re OK. Everything is shades of grey. There is no black and white. No good or evil – just misunderstood people. To hold the view of relativism means one sees no differences. But if you are unable to comprehend differences, how can you perceive when something will harm you? In the case of Islam, an alien culture that is as different from us as one from Mars. One that is incompatible with a 21st century civilization.

That’s the reason why the political Left can’t bring itself to see the threat of Islam. It can’t. If it admitted that Islam is counter to and the direct opposite of a free democracy, the Left will have to change it’s basic Progressive ideology and its social agenda.

That they can’t do unless they undergo a reformation of ideas as Islam has to have a reformation of its beliefs.

But back to the author of the ITS piece. He goes on with the expected rant of how democracy is responsible today for slaughtering millions of Muslims, exploit the world’s resources, etc. etc, etc. But then he comes to the real point. “So what is freedom you may ask? Freedom is when one stops being a slave to one’s desires and to society and becomes a slave and worshipper of Allah. This alternative is a system devoid of error. A system based on a definite belief, which can be established rationally and rules humanity justly. THE ISLAMIC SYSTEM lasted for over thirteen centuries securing peace and justice for the oppressed and humanity in general.”

Or in other words, the same form of governing that the western world threw off their backs hundreds of years ago – a theocratic form of government where the church and state are the same. When the western world was free of the dogmatic, suffocating system of being governed by the ‘representatives’ of God, we advanced and created a civilianization that the world had never seen before where even the poor in the free democracies live better, healthier, and longer than the Pharaohs of Egypt.

The struggle with Islam is over people’s minds. If the radical Islamists can show the large majority of Muslims that their way of life, their women, their sons and daughters are being threatened by western culture then they have reached their goal of turning the Muslims of the world to their side. Why hand them that weapon? And if we decide not to than the outcome goes to the one who is the strongest. It has been estimated that about one third or over three hundred million Muslims are sympathetic to the terrorists cause. Hitler and Tojo combined did not have nearly that many potential recruits.

There’s been much talk of Mark Steyn’s new book America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It and his warning of the use of demographic jihad against the non-Muslim world. But there is another warning he gives in his book that parallels my analysis. Charles Colson sees another side of Steyn’e book not widely reported – what we have lost by what we have gained from becoming too much of a secular society.

As Steyn sees it, one major reason the Islamo-fascists hate us is not that our beliefs are inimical to theirs, but that more and more of us believe in nothing at all beyond self-indulgence. And they look down on us for this but they are also learning how to use it to their advantage. Observing the rapid growth of radical Islam in Europe, Steyn writes, “If you’re a teenager in most European cities these days, you’ve a choice between two competing identities-a robust confident Islamic identity or a tentative post-nationalist cringingly apologetic European identity.” Radical Islam is not luring Europeans away from a solid belief system; it’s providing many of them with the first real belief system they have ever had. It’s filling a void for people who have nothing else to believe in or hold on to.

Steyn says that Secularists in Europe – and in America as well – do not understand this.

“One reason why the developed world has a difficult job grappling with the Islamist threat is that it doesn’t take religion seriously. It condescends to it.” That condescension makes secularists unable to see what’s going on right under their noses. It’s similar to the situation that’s been going on in our prisons for years now, which I’ve talked about several times on “BreakPoint.” Prisoners all share one thing: a need for something to fill the emptiness in their lives. We have seen this in the thousands of prisons we work in. Radical Islamists know this, and they have made a point of targeting prisoners for conversion. Their brand of religion offers people that sense of belonging, of something worth living and dying for, that people need – the very thing that postmodern secular societies do not offer. And that’s a big part of what makes radical Islam so dangerous.

If we don’t stand up for our Judeo-Christian mores and morals, the Left will stand up for nothing except ‘do your own thing’, ‘I’m OK, you’re OK’, ‘all cultures are equal’, there is no such thing as black and white, good and evil – only shades of grey. That is, if you believe in everything, you believe in nothing. If we believe all things are relative and equal and that personal rights prevails over personal responsibilities, then we are ripe for an aggressive absolutist ideology to overwhelm us.

The greatest offense against an aggressive absolutist ideology like Islam is a strong, absolute belief in our Judeo-Christian culture.

A blogger at IBA I very much respect commented that the classlessness we have in our today is the exhaust of a free society. That may be true. But a lot of exhaust is pollution and we are polluting the very atmosphere of our social reality.
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