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We hear it over and over again to ad nauseam that Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance and it’s the evil western media that demonizes such a pure and innocent religion. That the media misunderstands what is said because we don’t understand the language or the words are taken out of context and they are really preaching love and peace.

Then MEMRI comes along and the Arab media is faced with the actual truth of their rhetoric perfectly translated. Their response? We better watch what we say.

It’s true! Listen to this Lebanese columnist at MEMRI actually admitting that they have something to hide.

And then, of course, there’s the tried and true strategy of shooting the messenger instead of fixing the problem.

Tariq Alhomayed, Editor-in-Chief of the Saudi daily Asharq Alawsat, wonders whether giving any publicity at all to terrorists only encourages them to keep up their destructive work. He notes that when formerly extremist thinkers change their minds and publish new thinking, the recidivists (particularly in London, he finds!) are ready to tear them down.

He proposes a difficult question. Is it possible to cover the news about terrorism without feeding the terrorists? I think it is, but it will require media—international as well as Arab—to pay more attention to the consequences of what they publish. instead, the media should take the time or space or ink to point out the flaws in extremist thinking, not just repeat what is being said in a benighted attempt at ‘balance and fairness’.

That’s Muslims. Blame everyone and everything except themselves.

By the way – where’s the ‘fair and balanced’ opposition in Saudi Arabia?

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