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Let me see if I get this straight. Muslim women in Islamic lands which breed the majority of Islamic terrorists who are considered by Muslim males to be chattel and lower than dirt, are going to teach their men that terrorism is no-no.

Did I miss something? How did this idiot come to power?

Muslim women are to be sent on leadership and assertiveness courses to help to prevent Islamic extremism.

In an attempt to stop young Muslims being seduced by Al-Qaeda, women will be sent on training courses designed for FTSE 100 managers to give them the skills and confidence to confront fanatics.

Amid fears that extremists are becoming more sophisticated in their recruitment, Hazel Blears, the communities secretary, has concluded that a key way to stop extremist ideas further permeating Muslim communities is to give “the silent majority” a stronger voice.

She is to publish a good practice guidance document which will say that “resilient communities can only exist where women are playing a full and active part”.

This moonbat is living in La-La land. And who’s gonna pay for an such idiotic fantasy? The taxpayers of course! And a hefty amount to boot.

Blears will tell local authorities to use part of a £70m government fund set up to combat extremism to pay for the courses in confidence building, communication and mediation skills.

Muslim women will be offered work placements with business leaders and top athletes to imbue assertiveness and leadership and help them to advance their careers. Funding will be available to set up local Muslim women’s groups to provide a “safe space” where they can discuss their concerns.

It better be a REAL safe place.

The plan is likely to attract criticism from some Muslim men who will see it as a threat to cultural traditions about the role of women in society.

Gee. You think? I can see it now. “Confident women! Make my dinner! Oh! You are assertive too? I kill you!”

Blears believes that Muslim women have “untapped potential” to become a voice of moderation in communities targeted by fanatics.

Poor deluded woman. Go back to you ivory tower of fantasyland and try reading the anti-jihadist blogs. And of course, the response from the so-called leaders of the Muslim community is text book.

“The government wants to turn our women into SPIES!!!”

The Muslim Council of Britain accused the government of trying to turn women into government spies. “The government at first wanted our imams to act as spies on young British Muslims and now they seem to want Muslim women to do the same,” said Inayat Bunglawala, the council’s assistant secretary-general.

“Damn those dhimmis. Don’t they know they nothing do will please us?”

Oh to be a fly on the wall when the results of this training is taken home to Mohammed.

Professional motivational firms will run role-play courses in which Muslim women will learn how to confront fanatics. Some of the courses will be run by actors who are expected to pose as radicals espousing violent jihadist arguments, whom the women will be taught to challenge effectively.

Right. Let’s not go there.

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