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If the lapse in the extension by Pelosi of the Protect America Act that was passed last August to allow U.S. intelligence agencies to monitor foreigner-to-foreigner communications without a warrant, we have this to worry about.

COUNTER-TERRORISM agencies fear that local extremists are increasingly using mobile phones connected to overseas networks to thwart investigators and spread hardline propaganda.

Agents from Victoria Police and ASIO are investigating the sale of mobile phones within Melbourne’s Somali community that are being used to receive al-Qa’ida-linked motivational videos of Islamic extremists torturing and beheading “infidels”.

The connection of mobiles to overseas networks is frustrating police as bugging telephones has been a good method of tracking and infiltrating suspected extremists. The Weekend Australian understands the mobile phones are being sold at some hardline Islamic prayer halls and mosques in Melbourne for between $500 and $1000.

I’m shocked that mosques and prayer halls are helping the Jihadist? Shocked I tell you! Shocked!

It is believed the phones are connected to telephone networks in Lebanon and Syria.

The phones are connected to anonymous foreign accounts and calls, emails and video messages are limited to phones using the same overseas network to make them more difficult to trace.

Making overseas calls from an international phone in Australia involves the transmission of signals to a local phone tower, which then sends a signal to a fixed-line network before getting through to the overseas destination.

Phones connected to overseas networks are more difficult if not impossible for authorities to track.

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