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“A love for tradition has never weakened a nation; indeed it has strengthened nations in their hour of peril.” – Sir Winston Churchill

Posting to my blog every day for the last 10 months has taught me a lot about the challenges and threats we face as a society and our shared culture. The journey I’ve taken has helped me understand what those challenges and threats are and I’ve attempted to frame them in a theme – a gathering storm – that would make sense to anyone who reads it.

As my understanding has matured reading hundreds of news items and blog postings a week I’ve come to the conclusion that if we are to win this threat of Islamism to our freedom loving culture, we have to come up with simple terms that explain to the majority of simple people who just don’t ‘get it’. And I’m not talking just about the far Left that hates anything and everything about America. I’m talking about the common everyday person who doesn’t understand the concept of Islamism, Islamists, Islamo-fascists, the confusing arguments about what Islam is and what it isn’t coming from all sides of the debate, and who can’t seem to fathom the deliberate concealment of the Islamist threat by the main stream media at worst or through its self-censorship at best.

After 9-11, there is one threat that every freedom loving person, non-Muslim and Muslim alike, on this planet understands and even the main stream media could not deny.


All other words and concepts are too complex, confusing, even too deep for the common everyday person to understand and who we need to recruit to the fight. Jihadism is what people fear. Jihadism is understood to be the enemy. Jihadism is what needs to be defeated. One can begin any discussion from couch potatoes to intellectuals and start from an agreement of the common enemy – jihadists or commonly called terrorists.

So how does one proceed from there convincing the unaware that violet or militant Jihad or terrorism, who they agree is the enemy, is but one small part of a greater strategy? The unaware and misinformed do understand the general goal of the Jihadists. It’s no secret. The Jihadists have told us time and time again and have made it quite clear in the media, demonstrations and in their mosques. They wish to bring about a world dominated by Islam and ruled by Shariah law.

Now, Shariah law is not well known by the common person in the free world. I didn’t know about it before I started my blog. But what the unaware do know is that the Jihadist objective is to impose whatever Islamic laws they have on the non-Muslim and moderate Muslim societies. Rules and laws that just didn’t pass the smell test to freedom loving people. The Mohammed cartoon controversy is one very good example. Unless you are a raving multiculturalist whose mind has been warped by political correctness, you understand that the riots and protests against the cartoons were an attempt at stifling our cherished right to free speech.

That understanding was unavoidable.

An understanding of these attempts at controlling our society and social discourse can be used as a tool to explain to the unaware just what the threat is and that it should be resisted. Controlling our society and making it submit to the will of the Jihadists IS the goal of our enemy and violent or militant Jihad is but one tactic used by the Jihadist to achieve that goal. And a small one at that – but most visible with clear casualties to life and limb.

The goal of imposing peacefully or violently the rule of Shariah law upon the world.

The violent imposition is easy to see – the use of terrorism or Militant Jihad and the casualties inflicted by it. The non-violent Jihadist means of imposing Shariah law through intimidation, infiltration and disinformation in a society inflict a different sort of casualty – one to our traditions, cherished values and way of life. These types of Jihads are:

  • Cultural jihad
  • Economic jihad
  • Demographic jihad
  • Litigation jihad
  • Institutional jihad
  • Financial jihad
  • Media jihad.
  • Thugery jihad
  • Criminal jihad

All of which has the objective of imposing, one way or another, Shariah law on a society. I would add one more reflecting on Keith Ellison and Barack Obama – the potential threat of Political Jihad.

The actions of the Jihadists, Islamists, Islamo-fascists or whatever you want to call them can be identified under the categories above and the threat to our cherished traditions – the result of hundreds of years of sacrifice – should be clear to the common everyday person. By tagging the activities of the Islamists using those categories we have some logical ground to stand on – one that the average person can understand and support the struggle against all the different kinds of Jihadism before us.

We must remember that what we are fighting for is just as important as what we are fighting against. Fighting against terrorism is an easy thing to understand. Any fool can see that. Identifying threats to our hard earned and invaluable traditions takes an understanding that they are under attack by an insidious process well established by our enemy and well versed in using it.
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