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All of us anti-jihadists have for several years blogged about the Islamist’s threat to our freedom loving civilization and those that appease and support that threat. Some of us have tried to educate the masses for many years, others for just a year or less. All of us wonder if we are doing any good or just ‘preaching to the choir’. So, we might want to stop and take a breather and see some of the advancement in the Muslim communities that the anti-jihadist bloggers is contributing to.

I’d like to submit that there may just be a light at the end of the tunnel – and that light is not from an oncoming train.

First, think about this fellow bloggers. Many of us have been at this for only several short years and this conflict between the Islamist ideology and that of the free world is just in its beginnings – really. It’s in its beginnings because we are only now fully understanding the threat that is unfolding and some of us are able to piece together and identify the actual tactics that they’re using. It’s becoming clear that there are more than one jihads in play here. Militant jihad is only the most well-known. But the litigation, media, institutional, cultural, demographic, and economic and financial jihads, and the Muslims that support them, are only now being identified.

Second, over the last year or so, there have been individual Muslims or scholars on Islam like Walid, Hirsi Ali, and Spencer who have risen to the challenge, regardless of the mainstream media’s ambivalence, and have voiced their opposition to the Islamist agenda.

To me, this is encouraging and should be seen as real progress in such a short time as seen thorough the anti-jihadist window of last few years. Here are some recent examples of why I mean.

Lately, there have been individual but not so publicized news items like these that prove that we are having some effect on the debate. This is an open letter sent by Ibrahim Abdul Mu’min, the NY Chapter President of the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism.

I am a Muslim, a Conservative, Patriotic, American-born, anti-terrorist, Muslim. I believe in Allah*, his mercy, and his prophets. I believe in the mission of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)*. However… I care nothing for the phony fahtwahs* of mad-mullahs. I denounce the scholars-for-petrol-dollars, the jihad ravings of insane, homicide bombers, and the Wahabi House-of-Saud fraud. I will stand against all terrorist activities, completely, with no apologetic, leftist, misgivings.

It is a deliberate, heretical, misinterpretation of the Holy Qur’an by power-hungry, Islamic-Fascist gangsters who care nothing for the words of Allah or his prophets! It is Fascism*, I have been warned by other Muslims not to use this word… but the oppressive and brutal dictatorships that foster, aid, and abet terrorism can be called nothing else. In this repressive, terrorist view of Islam there is no communion of man and God…no beautiful mingling of soul and spirit…no soft, sweet smells so beloved by the Prophet (pbuh)…. Never. The smell of this type of Fascist Islam is the smell of violence and death…the smell of blood and burning.

Another article about Muslim’s who see the danger posed by their mosques.

Gina Khan is a British Muslim woman who lives near the men suspected of a plot to kidnap and kill a Muslim soldier. She says that it’s time to stop the radicals, and to stop being afraid of them. Gina Khan is a very brave woman. Born in Birmingham 38 years ago to Pakistani parents, she has run away from an arranged marriage, dressed herself in jeans and dared to speak out against the increasing radicalisation of her community.

Over the past 15 years, she says, there has been an influx of jihadist thinking into her part of Birmingham. Bookshops sell radical literature and the mosques preach separatism and hatred. The Government and the white Establishment have allowed it to happen. And she is outraged about it. “It’s all happening on your doorstep,” she says, “and Britain is still blind to the real threat that is embedded here now.

“I truly believe that all these mosques here are importing jihad. The radical teaching is filtering through, and these mosques are not regulated. They are supporting everything that is wrong about Islam. We within the community knew this. People are lying. They are in denial. They knew they were bringing in radicals. “But there are still more English and British people, no matter what, and if they got together and wanted to stamp out this radicalism, they could. I am wasting my time talking to my own people; that is why I am sitting here talking to you, to open your eyes.”

And this on the veil controversy in the UK.

Britain‘s first Muslim peer has condemned women wearing veils as “a barrier to integration” and called for an end to their use.

Reigniting the controversial debate over the wearing of the face veil, or niqab, Lord Ahmed of Rotherham said there was no religious reason why Muslim women should wear them and that they were now causing society more harm than good.

The Yorkshire peer, who last night spoke out over veils in a debate in the heart of the Arab world, stressed that a sensible discussion was needed urgently within Muslim communities about whether veils represented a danger to integration in British society.

He backed the motion “This House believes the face veil is a barrier to integration in the West” at a debate in Doha, Qatar.

He told the Yorkshire Post: “The veil is now a mark of separation, segregation and defiance against mainstream British culture.

Add these news stories to women questioning the second class status of Muslim women claiming sexism is rife in many Muslim communities, Muslim leaders in Australia back plan to fly the Australian flag outside mosques, and even a Saudi journalist and expert on Islamic movements and Islamic fundamentalism as well as Saudi affairs wrote that the Muslim Brotherhood should be disbanded.

Finally, there are real anti-jihadist organizations that have come into being that are not the mouthpieces of the Islamists.

The Islamic Forum for Democracy was formed in March of 2003 by a group of Muslim professionals in the Phoenix Valley of Arizona. The group’s founder is M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D. He felt that AIFD could formally articulate the fact that in commentary and scholarship that many Muslims believe that they are able to practice their faith more freely and more Islamically in America than in any other place in the world.

AIFD seeks to make a small contribution to the body of thought which articulates an understanding of Islam which separates religion and state and is in complete harmony with the U.S. Constitution and our citizenship pledge.

In the wake of 9/11 and a series of terrorist attacks in Indonesia, President Wahid and the founder of LibForAll established the LibForAll Foundation – inspired by the methods used by President Wahid’s own ancestors to defend Javanese culture from religious extremism five centuries ago. Within Indonesia, they have formed a network of opinion leaders in the fields of religion, education, popular culture, government, business and the media working to preserve their culture’s enlightened embrace of religious tolerance and diversity in the face of a renewed tide of extremism that is sweeping the entire Muslim world.

Then we have CAIR and the MAS– that blatant supporter of the Islamist cause. But as it turns out, they may not speak for as many Muslims as they think. The 910 Group reports:

“An inspection of CAIR’s most recent publicly available IRS Form 990 (2004) shows for that year they received $119,029 in membership dues for that year (line 3). But at $25 per membership (the current rate is $35), that would mean that in 2004, CAIR only had 4,761 dues-paying members – less than 5,000 members out of 8 million Muslims in America. This would mean that CAIR only represents 1 out of every 1,680 Muslims. Even if a lower 6 million Muslim population figure were assumed, CAIR could still only claim representation for 1 out of every 1,260 Muslims for that year.

“MAS is in even less representative than CAIR. In 2004, MAS received $87,299 in membership dues — a dramatic decrease in membership from 2003 ($366,613 in members dues received) and 2002 ($378,993 received). Membership has declined so rapidly for MAS that they have stopped offering memberships on their website altogether, though MAS has not publicly acknowledged, let alone explained, their stunning membership decline since 9/11.”

Are all these positive signs? Don’t know for sure. But there is some courage in the Muslim community when facing those who want to advance the Islamist agenda. It will take some time to see.

Or to quote Einstein, “Civilization is a race between education and catastrophe.”

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