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I’ve been writing that militant jihad, or terrorism, is but only one type of jihad that the Islamists are using against the non-Muslim world. The others are:

· Cultural jihad

· Demographic jihad

· Litigation jihad

· Institutional jihad

· Media jihad.

· Thugery jihad

· Criminal jihad

Many of these types of jihads use the weapon of choice for overthrowing and dominating a non-Muslim society – the imposition of Shariah law. The Plan involves the incremental acceptance of basic tenants of Shariah law as applied to all aspects of life—the Islamic “Way of Life”. This implies the desire to incrementally change the laws and ultimately the Constitution of the U.S.

Economic and Financial Jihad are two very powerful jihads in the quiver of the Islamists. It goes with saying that the oil weapon hangs like a sword over the non-Muslim world and can be dropped on us at any time or place of their choosing to cause economic panic in the free world. But there is another form of economic and financial jihad – banking.

Islamic Economics is the stealth sword of Islam. It is more powerful than the Weapons of Mass Destruction and terrorism. It is immune to negotiation. The stealth sword is being applied for the Islamization of the West and the whole world. Islamic economics has an impact on your life, whether you are a banker, investing in the stock market, selling a home, buying a car, purchasing food, buying a suit or a dress, or just trying to make sense of the current events. Islamic economics and Islamic banking are primary Islamist strategies to condition the West to accept Shariah law as a basis for all life in all nations. Many, if not most, of the participants in Islamic Financing may not even be aware that they may be supporting the Islamist agenda.

So just what is Islamic economics?

The twentieth century has witnessed the emergence of an economic doctrine that calls itself Islamic economics. The doctrine is significant because it advances the sprawling and headline-grabbing movement known as political Islam, Islamic fundamentalism, or simply Islamism. The movement is having a profound impact. The Islamic windows of major banks that incorporate the principles of Islamic economics represent the fastest growing sector. The banks, based on the principles of Islamic economics, raise billions of dollars in the form of Islamic bonds (sukuk) annually. Banking laws in Islamic and Western countries are changing to accommodate Islamic economic rules. The Dow Jones Islamic Stock Index and in April 2006, Dow Jones and Citigroup announced the launch of the first Islamic Bond Index. The Dow Jones Citigroup Sukuk Index, the first index that seeks to measure the performance of global bonds complying with Islamic (Shariah compliant) investment guidelines.

The declared purpose of Islamic economics is to identify and establish an economic order that conforms to Islamic scripture and traditions – Shariah law.

Islamic law on commerce is known as fiqh al-mu`amalat. Much of the laws, rules and interpretations of Shariah takes into consideration issues of social justice, equitability, and fairness, as well as practicality of financial transactions. In general, the Shariah legal maxim in relation to commercial transactions and contracts states: “They are permissible unless there is a clear prohibition.” In a nutshell, prohibited elements of a commercial transaction must first be removed for it to be Shariah-compliant. The major prohibited elements under Shariah are riba (interest), gharar (uncertainty), maisir (gambling), non-halal (prohibited) food and drinks and immoral activities.

The stealth sword of Islamic economics, like all the other non-violent jihadist methods, works silently and relentlessly below the surface undermining our society and unrecognized by both Democrats and Republicans.

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