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Our movement against the political ideology of Islam is a young one but we run the risk of eating our young and putting in motion what we saw in Europe 70 years ago. I’m referring to the current blog wars involving those organizations in Europe opposing the Islamification of the continent.

First a true story then some history.

Back when I was in college during the Vietnam war and a committed liberal who marched on campus, closed down streets in protest, and occupied the ROTC building, I participated in a city wide march against the war that led from the campus to the State House. When we arrived at the State House there were a number of speeches made about the war and its consequences. But I remember one quite clearly. A young woman wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt started to spew propaganda about Marxism. She was booed off the stage. We saw what she wanted to do. But the peace movement on our campus was not about to be co-opted by the communists.

Now some history.

If you are a follower of history like I am, you would be aware of the Hobson’s choice facing Europe in the 1930s. Though pretty much ignored by the Chamberlain appears at the time, Winston Churchill wrote about his unease he had over both communism and fascism – communism under Stalin in Russia and fascism under Hitler in Germany. Neither one was seen by Churchill as friendly to democracy and he wrote about both of these threats in the 1930s that were pretty much ignored. It was communism that Europe most feared – not fascism. In fact, many British intellectuals felt one with Hitler.

When WWII started, Churchill knew that the only way Hitler, the worse of two evils, could be defeated would be to side with and support communist Russia. Churchill hoped that at the end of the war, the Russian bear could be retrained and put back into its cage.

It couldn’t and World War II led to the Cold War.

This development wasn’t of Churchill or Roosevelt’s doing. It was the Chamberlain appeasers who eventually created the Cold War and have even reached into this century creating the problems we see in Europe today. By not stopping the Nazi threat in its tracks in 1938 when Hitler re-occupied the Rhineland, the Chamberlain appeasers set in motion a process that led to the Cold War and now the Islamification of Europe. If Hitler would have been stopped and as one of his generals said many years after the war that if he was, the military would have overthrown him, the West could have kept Stalin in his box and Eastern Europe would have been spared the yoke of communism.

The EU, with all its attendant problems, would most probably not been formed or even the need for it – but that’s just speculation.

The point I want to make is that we are in a similar situation in Europe as we were in the 1930s. Europe at this time is presented with a choice between two fascisms. Islamo-fascism and neo-fascism – both with its assault on human rights and support for ideological or ethnic supremacy. The EU, which was formed to prevent the type of ideological conflicts that caused two World Wars has sold out its human values in the pursuit of a socialist utopian fantasy. They are of little help in solving the fascist threats facing Europe today.

Robert Spencer clearly paints the current picture.

For years now Hugh Fitzgerald and I have written about the unfortunate fact that the European mainstream parties have completely failed to address the problem of European Islamization — a problem that of course they have, in many cases, abetted. Hugh and I have both in many separate posts lamented that those mainstream parties have thus left the field open to neo-fascist and neo-Nazi parties, like the Holocaust-denying white supremacist BNP and Haider’s party in Austria, and to noxious characters like LePen in France. Those types have in several European countries become the only ones addressing the issue of jihad and Islamic supremacism.

This is unfortunate for several reasons. It allows the European elites and the political and media mainstream to continue to marginalize the counterjihad resistance as simply racist reactionism, rather than a legitimate concern. So their own abdication and complicity are reinforced by the character of the reaction to it — a logjam that only a new Churchill could break, and there is no such person on the horizon at this point.

The neofascist character of the anti-jihad parties in Europe also keeps many decent people from joining the counterjihad movement, when they otherwise would. This is the great weakness of the argument that, well, there is no one else fighting this fight, so we have to join forces with people we would otherwise regard with distaste: some people simply will not and will never do that, and it limits the power of the movement and its ability to grow.

Our nascent anti-Islamic movement is Europe’s only hope but it needs to thread very carefully as we build organizations and choose allies. Allies should be chosen not for what they are against but what they are for. Our young movement itself needs to form a consensus on some sort of manifesto that we all agree and sign on to. If not the dangers are too real.

First, the appeasers and apologists who believe our movement against political Islam is racist and Islamophobic will pounce on any form of our movement that shows the slightest bit of neo-fascism accusing us of the very thing we are fighting against.

If those who fight the Islamo-fascist do so under a neo-fascist banner, we should not be in the streets beside them and if they show up at our events, they should be shunned and not given a platform just as my personal expereince years ago. As I said before, our nascent movement should be for something not just against something.

We are a small movement that must become large and to that we need to pull together in one direction under an ideology that believes in human rights, universal values and a free democratic form of governance. Period.

If we don’t, we are helping the appeasers and apologists and in effect will be eating our young.

My .02 cents.

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