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It only took 5 years but Congress has finally gotten around to addressing the war on terror. Investors Business Daily reports – surprise, surprise – one tireless watchdog in the Capital who still has the burning memory 9-11.

One tireless watchdog is Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., who earlier this year founded the Anti-Terrorism/Jihad Caucus to educate fellow lawmakers and Americans in general about the threat from militant Islam.

“The general public doesn’t understand the threats we face from radical jihadists — who they are, what they want and what we can do about the threat,” the feisty Myrick says on her Web site. “Americans are not being properly informed about the nature of the jihadist threat and their plans to do us harm.”

What an understatement!

The media and academia have whitewashed jihad or ducked the issue entirely, petrified as they are of looking intolerant toward Muslims. Meantime, well-funded apologists such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations have gone on the offensive against the few critics who have spoken out, further confusing Americans about the gravity of the threat.

“The jihadists have become incredibly advanced in their public relations efforts,” Myrick lamented. And we have limited tools to counteract their propaganda, thanks to institutionalized religious tolerance even for creeds hostile to our way of life.

To counter this problem, Mr. Myrick created the Anti-Jihad Caucus.

The Anti-Jihad Caucus dares to right that imbalance. Its main goal is to educate members of Congress about the Islamic threat so they can talk candidly to their constituents about it. Myrick has already recruited more than 80 members to join her — including even some Democrats, such as Bud Cramer of Alabama and Ben Chandler of Kentucky.

“The group is currently learning about a variety of issues involving jihad, such as the history of Islam, the differences and similarities of Sunni and Shia Muslims, terrorist financing, terrorist use of the Internet, and terrorist infiltration techniques,” Myrick said.

Good start. Now, if the Anti-Jihad Caucus will widen the definition of jihad from militant jihad to the understanding of the multiple jihads like Litigation Jihad, Education Jihad, Cultural Jihad, Demographic Jihad, Economic Jihad, Institutional Jihad, Media Jihad, Financial Jihad, Criminal jihad as detailed in my Gathering Storm eBook, then they and Congress may finally realize the immensity of the Islamist threat before us and create counter tactics to oppose them.

And maybe, just maybe, when incidents of British hospitals refusing to serve hot cross buns to patients because it might offend Muslim patients or Muslim clerics demanding a ban on popular exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur that feature hosts, genies and other supernatural beings, happen in our country like the Muslim cab drives refusing to carry passengers with alcohol or dogs, or Muslim cashiers refusing to handle pork during check out, we can reclaim our cultural identity and tell those Muslims who refuse to accommodate to US, leave for countries where they can better practice their backwards version of Islam.
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