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It seems a little video of a popular actress and her boyfriend in the nude has surfaced and causing quite a stir. Brad and Angelina? Nope. Spears and Timberlake? Cruise and Holmes? Lohan and – choose anyone. Nope. Nope. Nope.

It was a popular actress in Nigeria and her boyfriend.

A video sex scene involving the popular Hausa actress said to be from Bauchi State, and her Romeo (named BoBo), was widely circulated in the North where the mother of two from an earlier marriage was seen enjoying herself and murmuring sweet words to her millionaire boyfriend.

The lovers in the video, shown to the Nigerian Tribune in Kaduna on Monday, were completely naked and had several rounds of sex which the two of them appeared to have enjoyed as they were regularly praising each other in Hausa language. The eight-minute clip has evoked strong criticism from Muslim clerics in mosques and on radio and TV.

Not only that but the pubic outcry from the Country’s large Muslim community caused 17 actors to be expelled from the state filmmaker’s association.

A film association said those expelled were forced out for allegedly fornicating and drinking alcohol and that future members would need a witness to attest to their good character.

Whao!! Wouldn’t that be a kick if the same rules were applied our fornicating, alcohol and drug induced
hamster morals of the celebrity royalty in this country?

Now that’s an Islamist social more placed on Hollywood that I wouldn’t mind a bit.

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