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There’s a joke that says a statesman is a dead politician and Lord know we need more statesmen. That may be funny but this is closer to the truth.

A politician has his eyes on the next election. A statesman has his eyes on the next generation.

There is a promising statesman in New York. His name is Vito Vaccaro, a new Loyalist Party candidate running for a seat on the N.Y. state assembly in the 26th district and one who sees our enemy clearly and is not willing to back down from their attacks or believe in their propaganda.

Vito was speaking at a rally sponsored by the United Americans Committee that was a show of solidarity against Islamofascism.

It was open to all people including followers of Islam. And no doubt, a Muslim speaker named ‘Ibraham’ took advantage of this by rambling well over his allotted time about how the terrorists aren’t real Muslims, and that Islam is in actuality a peaceful religion that a small minority has misinterpreted.

But after Ibraham’s speech came Vito. He was the last speaker, and the crowd was expecting more of the same. But to everyone’s surprise, Vito responded to the speaker in the most unusual way. He responded by announcing that Islam is, in and of itself, an intolerant and hateful philosophy that breeds violence. Yes, mark this date on your calendar. On March 31rst 2007, an American political candidate spoke the truth about Islam, and didn’t apologize.

This caught the Muslim speaker by surprise, as they are used to getting their way with politicians in America. After Ibraham heard this, he started shouting at Vito, but Vito kept speaking the truth, countering every one of his points and eventually causing Ibraham to shout at Vito, calling him the ‘real’ terrorist.

Vito let Muslims know that he and his party will never bow to their pressure, and that his allegiance is to America, and America only.
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