I have used and abused every version of Windows, the early ones were great fun if you were into computer jokes. It was around Windows 3.1.1 that things started to change. Oh, the product still sucked, but with some computer geeking you could cobble together a network (Novel) and sort of have a shared database for a small office. The whole thing sucked! Shared databases had never been considered, record locking and unlocking was up to the programmer and how gutsy he felt that day.

But as Ken Henley put it, we were on our way!

The perfect storm hit with Windows 95. Now looking back, 95 was a train wreck, but a bold one. Plug and Puke Play made it (in theory) possible to insert new components and not have to fiddle around with Driver Disks. It was great in theory, and I can recall one occasion when it actually worked.

Arpanet (DARPA) put the internet in the public domain (sort of), and the likes of Compuserve and AOL were born. A question that I have, is exactly how many floppy disks that AOL send out to people? I got them at home, I god them at work, I got them in magazines, and at the grocery store!

Windows 98 was a much nicer product, it fixed some of the issues with 95 and was a huge hit.

Next came Windows ME. I should be nice about it, I made some money. People paid me to remove ME and install 98. ME was as big a disaster as DOS 4.1.

XP was next. I had my doubts, but it could not be worse than ME so I gently dipped my toes in the water. XP was a winner, many people still use it.

Vista followed, and was a train wreck.

Windows 7 came next, in fact it is Win 7 that I use. It works great.

As I like to keep my sanity I avoided Windows 8 and 8.1, it looked silly, and I have yet to meet anyone that likes it.

Are you seeing a trend here? For 30 years Microsoft has alternated between great products and crap. I am hoping that Windoze 10 continues the trend.

Do we even need Windoze today? One friend of mine says NO!

Simon Barrett

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