So many blogs across the country and world have been humming since the recent release of Microsoft’s Vista- or ME2 (Window’s Millennium Edition the Second). Now, Google’s getting in on some real action- filing a complaint on April 18th complaining about the OS’s interference with it’s Google Desktop and Search. Vista’s desktop search is almost impossible to turn off alleges Google, saying that this doesn’t comply with a settlement decree in 2002 that states that all programs must run smoothly on Windows based machines- something that Google says isn’t happening.

“The search boxes built throughout Vista are hard-wired to Microsoft’s own desktop search product, with no way for users to choose an alternate provider,” Google spokesman Ricardo Reyes said in a statement issued Monday.

Microsoft’s spokesperson Jack Evans said in a statement that “While we don’t believe there are any compliance concerns with desktop search, we’ve also told officials we are committed to going the extra mile to resolve this issue.”

On June 26th, this will go to court not just for Google, but to take an overall look at Vista’s lack of coherence with the 2002 decree.

Microsoft- who ranks third behind Google and Yahoo! in desktop search product has invested heavily in their search engine as to top the other sites.

Some bloggers have agreed that this would happen sometime- the Microsoft/ Google showdown. Two major internet powers will one coming out “pwning” the other. Surprising? No. Both companies are constantly buying out companies- such as Google with YouTube or Microsoft with the Austin, Texas based company Winternals- which recently had a settlement with company Best Buy over illegal use of their software.
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