Well, as of tomorrow, unless you are the UK government Microsoft is stopping support for Windows XP. XP has been around for 13 years and I agree that at some point the plug must be pulled. The problem however is that most major companies do not like to change software that works great for their need.

No IT department rushed to upgrade to Vista, it was a disaster looking for a place to happen.

Licking their wounds Microsoft gave Vista a quiet burial.

Windows 7 proved to be a great stable platform. I use it everyday. It does what I need it to do. It has become a platform that a company could use. Of course Microsoft don’t know a good thing if it leaps up and smacks them on the nose. In a move that had anyone with an IQ that exceeded their hat size would laugh at, Microsoft released Windows 8. The one size fits all idea, Phone, Tablet, PC was a joke. It does not take a PhD in astrophysics to understand the problem.

Windows 8.1 has mitigated some of the idiocy, but few people are adopting it. I have played with it and quite frankly I would not entertain it in a wood shed.

The hot rumor is that Redmond are working on a new version. Will it be Windows 8.2 or Windows 9? I don’t care what they call it as long as it works.

In some ways I am trapped in the world of windows. The software that I live by does not have the ability to run on Linux.

On the brighter side for Windows XP users, you won’t wake up next patch Tuesday and find that your computer has rebooted in the middle of the night. This feature irritates me to no end. I lose word docs, web sites, PDF files, etc.

I am in half a mind to drag out an old XP box from my junk pile. Freedom from Patch Tuesday!

In celebration for the wonderful contribution Microsoft has made, it is only fitting to play Windows Prison Blues.

There is more to this track than meets the eye. Think about the movie 2001.

Simon Barrett

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