The tech press is alive with rumors that Microsoft have a major update to the train wreck named Windows 8. Windows 8 has not captured the imagination of the masses as was expected. I personally think it is clunky and ugly.

Our friends at Microsoft have a long history of clunky and ugly. Win 98 was a hit. Everyone loved it. Win ME, well I loved it, people paid me to remove the evil thing and replace it with a sensible system. Win XP, what is not to love? XP just trucks along. Sure it is not bullet proof, but it is resilient and long lasting. Redmond would love to kill XP, but they cannot. Vista on the other hand was not a great success, one has to wonder if Windows Armageddon might have been a better choice of name. The release of Windows 7 seemed to mark a changing point in Microsoft. Like XP Windows 7 was durable and easy to get along with.

I have to admit that for several years I used Linux as my primary choice. Yes, I always had a few boxes running various varieties of Windows, but I really just didn’t feel comfy. I did like Windows 7, and still do. My primary weapon is a laptop running 7. It rarely causes me problems.

Drum roll… then Microsoft ‘made things better’…….

I find it hard to stop the laughter when I think about Windows 8. Redmond seemed to have combined all of the icky parts of DOS 4, ME and Vista into one glorious disaster.

For sure the folks in Redmond must be a little unhappy with the sales numbers for Windows 8. Few people seem to be rushing out to buy it. One (albeit unreliable) source claims that Windows 8 has been adopted by less than 3% of users.

The solution apparently is to rebrand Windows 8, the new version will be called Windows Blue. Cute name, but maybe not the best:


There are few users of Windows that have not found themselves looking at the Blue Screen Of Death.

I cannot fix the BSOD issue, but I can at least offer some musical  relief.

There is little doubt that this is the money shot:


Windows and indeed x86 technology has reached the end of its useful life. I do not think the desktop is dead, but Windows 8 certainly is doing little to preserve it. The ‘suits’ at Microsoft need to take a long hard look at the direction they are taking.

Simon Barrett

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