As most people know, the one time Haleigh Cummings case investigator has accepted a plea deal in the charges against him concerning his apprehension of registered sex offender Daniel Snodgrass.

It is fair to say that neither Putnam County nor Cobra wanted this case to get in front of a jury. There was way too much dirty laundry that could be exposed. Putnam had a real problem in making the felony charges stick (read the deposition) and Assistant County Attorney Boatwright clearly did not understand the Florida Statute involved.

But there were other forces at work as well. Several people had a vested interest in putting a muzzle on William Cobra Staubs.

There was little doubt that had this case gone to trial Cobra should have been completely vindicated by the letter of the law. However there was that nagging question of justice in a small town. A jury trial is always a game of chance. Logic sometimes evaporates, just look at the first OJ Simpson trial.

Cobra is a rough tough guy, no-one can argue that, but his choices were simple, walk away and get on with his life, or spin the wheel and maybe spend 13 years behind bars.

What some people fail to realize, or report on are the terms of his plea deal. One web site in particular screamed the headline Bounty Hunter Cops To Beatdown, Banned From Haleigh Cummings Case!

And went on say:

A jury had been selected Wednesday and was ready to hear the case, sources tell us, when the Staubs deal was struck.

Which incidentally is a completely false. No Jury had been selected, no Jury had even been called, no trial was set to start on Wednesday. I have no doubt that tomorrow we will learn just who is behind this wonderful piece of disinformation. There is an old saying, I believe it originated in the garment industry, measure twice, cut once. Some journalists clearly do not understand the concept of using multiple sources to verify information.

Our same Emmy winner went on to explain that:

Conditions of Staubs’ sentence include:
–no contact with the victim (Snodgrass) while on probation;
–no bond activity or PI work in the 7th Judicial Circuit for the year, in effect, barring him from investigating the Cummings case further

But what he failed to mention were some very interesting facts. Terms of the one year probation include:

Checking in by mail every three months

Allowed to keep and carry fire arms

Allowed to be around criminal elements because of the nature of his work

Does this sound like a regular probation deal to you? Hardly!

Opening a huge can of worms, our favourite, on the ground, in touch, reporter, goes on to discuss some videos. These videos could well have resolved this case months ago. But were being dangled in a ‘trick or treat’ fashion. “oh I lost them on a trip to Las Vegas” was the beginning. It became somewhat more threatening as time went on. The ‘treat’ video supposedly could have absolved Cobra, while the ‘Trick’ video could have been somewhat  damaging.

I spoke to Cobra a few minutes ago, and he feels it is time to let all of the story out. We will be running a radio program tomorrow, it likely will be at noon eastern. It will probably be epithet laden, and not for young ears!

Point your browser to at noon eastern on Friday Mar/26, or you can use this direct link.

I noticed that one Emmy winning journalist put up a pre-emptive strike after my last two articles. But, that likely is too little and too late. From yesterdays conversations, and today’s it is very clear that William Cobra Staubs is ready to share publicly what he has shared privately over the past few months.

We will not be discussing the Haleigh Cummings case but rather the ancillary activities surrounding it. Hard Hats and Flak Jackets are the preferred dress code for this interview.

Simon Barrett

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