I received a great phone call this afternoon. Cobra is a good friend of Jan and I. And I was overjoyed to receive this call.

It would be easy (but pointless) to put a label on Cobra. You just never know what direction he is going to head in next. For more than a year we have been talking to this ‘rough tough’ guy. Nothing seemed to be going his way. His involvement with the search for Haleigh Cummings hit critical mass when he ‘wrangled’ an accused ‘diddler’ to the ground. The ‘diddler’ was a man by the name of  Daniel Snodgrass, a man accused of raping a nine year old girl. Yes you read that right, a girl aged nine!  Snoddy is still out on bond, a situation that even the Putnam County brass say that should not be so, but he was ‘grandfathered’ in from the previous administration. The question I have is why and how can a man accused of the rape of a nine year old girl be out on bond? Why is he not rotting in jail? Well, I can answer that question, when it gets close to a trial date Snoddy finds a good reason to dump his current lawyer. This automatically creates a ‘continuance’.

Everything changed today!  Yes Snoddy is still out there, although I believe his new love interest is in men. Hey, everyone to there own beliefs. Personally I prefer women, but what do I know?

So what changed today? Cobra got his life back! He has his license reinstated, he can resume his life. I am slightly worried, for months I have been joking with him about how he is welcome to come and visit us, but he had to promise not to kick our door down in the middle of the night. He now has his ‘door kicking’ license back. EEK

I guess the only thing I can do is get onto ebay and buy a Mongoose, they apparently are quite good at keeping the snake population at bay.

Only kidding! This is a great day. Both Jan and I are ecstatic that our good friend has finally received some real justice.


Simon and Jan Barrett

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