Cobra has been tirelessly looking for the missing girl, Haleigh Cummings. Of course not all help is viewed as useful. And certainly Cobra has created a certain amount of havoc in his investigations. He is a rough and ready guy, he is also the nicest man you could ever meet. It is an overused phrase, but Cobra is the guy that would give you the shirt off his back.

I reported yesterday that an arrest warrant had been issued for Cobra, and he is a man of his word, an honorable man. He said that he would turn himself in to Putnan County early this morning, and he did just that.

When I spoke to him, and some other people yesterday, the game plan was to already have the Bond filed, and it should just be a question of walking in, filling out the forms, a picture, and fingerprints and walk out again.

Of course the best laid plans of men and mice do have a tendency of going astray. Today was a fine example,  a telling example. Know your friends before trusting them.

The bond had been arranged through a local company, a company that Cobra had some previous dealings with. (It won’t take much research to find the name, but I for one do not wish to publish it!). He arrived at the appointed time, all of the paperwork was in order, and the bond company went in and posted it.

Cobra then surrendered to the police, and was processed. All was going well, he had just been told that he was free to go, when the phone rang, the bond company had changed their mind! The door was locked, Cobra was led to the holding cells, forced to strip (likely not a pretty sight) and made to put on prison garb.

According to reports a second local bondsman refused to help, offering the sage advice ‘you are going away for a long time’. That statement blew my mind, Cobra always talks in such glowing terms about the brothers and sisters in the trade, and how they look after each other.

The good news is, there are decent people in this world, a bond company out of Miami stepped in, and after two hours behind bars Cobra was freed.

Needless to say Cobra Staubs is absolutely fuming over this entire fiasco, and I do not blame him.

I’ll share a secret with you all, yesterday morning there were a flurry of phone calls and emails between us press types, and we had decided to drop a particular line of questioning as it was not helping the search for Haleigh, it was counterproductive. Well I think that line of questioning is now back on the table.

Clearly the major thrust is to find Haleigh Cummings, and in my eyes there are only two people actually engaged on that mission, to slap felony charges on Cobra is insanity.

I will have more information tomorrow, but we do plan on running a radio show on Sunday. Cobra will be on, and it will be a cracker!

Simon Barrett

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