It was a Jewish lady who, in 1957, said to the National Press Club in Washington D.C., “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

This sentiment has been utilized and slightly changed in many ways through the years. ‘Arabs’ becomes ‘Muslims’ or ‘Palestinians” and the ‘us’ often becomes ‘Jews’. One site I visited tonight while looking for the exact quote said the line was oversimplification. Is it oversimplification when considering the enormous problems in the Middle East?

If ‘HOPE’ is not thrown into the mix it very well could be.

Watching YouTube videos of Muslim mothers sending their children off to be suicide bombers or boasting about how many of their children strapped on bombs to murder innocent people Golda Meir’s statement comes to my mind again and again.


After the murder of three innocent children two Palestinian political and religious factions, Hamas and Fatah, Hamas and Fatah, are once again at one another’s throats.

– Quote – Hamas gunmen opened fire on a group of demonstrators who blamed the militant Islamic group for the slayings. The escalating violence dimmed hopes for a unity government and peace talks with Israel – raising the specter of civil war instead.

At another protest in northern Gaza, Hamas gunmen fired in the air above hundreds of demonstrators, including children, at a Fatah rally. No one was hurt.

On Tuesday evening, hundreds of Fatah supporters fired in the air and marched through Gaza’s main street, calling out the names of Fatah members who died in factional fighting. Then they closed off the street with burning tires.

About a dozen Fatah gunmen surrounded the car of Hamas parliamentarian Mohammed Shihab, he said, banging on his vehicle with their guns, hands and shoes. Shihab escaped unharmed, but said he feared for his life.

There were also demonstrations in West Bank cities, including Hebron, where about 1,000 people marched through the city, with gunmen firing in the air. Participants called for the resignation of the Hamas-led government.
– End Quote –

Monday three children were murdered on their way to school. Fatah devotees claim the shooters were of the Hamas faction…

Now mind you the car windows were darkened and the shooters could not see in it. They may have thought Baha Balousheh, the dead boys’ father, an intelligence officer and Fatah loyalist, was in the car. The fact it was on a street lined with nine schools, should have given the murderers pause.

It didn’t. – Four more people were wounded in the attack on Palestine Street, which is lined with nine schools. The attack sent children running for cover. Some dropped to the ground, others fled in panic.

Balousheh, who was not in the car had escaped two previous Hamas assassination attempts. His children were not so lucky.


News on the street quite a few years back claimed a bunch of Irish mothers had said, “Enough!” and the violence stopped. Could Muslum mothers do the same in Gaza and perhaps in all the countries in the Middle East where violence is rampant? Only thing about that idea is that perhaps the Irish men loved their mothers more than they loved the violence. Is the same true in the Middle East? I hope so.


Ynet news has the story – Religious leader in Gaza: Child killers must die

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