By Honey Gillard 

‘MAROON 5’ front man Mr. Adam Levine has began pondering upon the bands final days, as he wants to start a family and “do the things that people do”. 

Levine is adamant in declaring that he doesn’t have any immediate plans to record a solo album, though he can’t see himself remaining in the group for very much longer. 

The singer tells ‘Complex’ magazine: “I’ll go off and do my thing, whether it’s producing or writing or having a solo record. We’re not going to be in a band forever. We’ve been doing this for almost 12 years. I want to have kids and do all the things that people do.” 

The band have just returned from there two-year hiatus; releasing their follow-up album ‘It won’t be soon before long’, to be in stores next month. 

Well at least we have some new Maroon music to look forward to in the present, and who knows what will follow – hopefully a tour in Australia ;). 

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Sources: Starpulse

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