I am going to take the liberty of including below a blog sent out a month or so ago. Let me say here that I have never seen our country so badly divided. I was a child of WW2 when we cared about each other. I wonder these days how many really miss the Americans who have died in our senseless wars? Money seems to be the great divider here now. Those who have it securely — with some good exceptions — don’t give a damn about those in desperate financial shape.

In San Francisco 1 child in 4 is hungry:


Thirteen million American kids are. And what is the Republican response — cut your taxes? There is no free lunch in mass terms. And the U.S. is a disgrace compared to dozens of comparable nations.

As a retired philosopher with my field’s respect for truth, I am appalled by the constant stream of Republican lies designed to con fellow Americans. One scarcely knows where to start with them — there is a new one slung out almost daily. Will Americans buy? I hope not, as the suffering will expand with their “No” games. What follows is my sense of their plan in process sent out a month or so ago.


Republican Election Plan

It looks as though the Republicans will focus on 3 things while running for office this fall:

1) Blaming Obama for the economic crisis that they have created under Bush/Cheney — including the jobs which our corporations have been shipping overseas.

2) Cutting taxes for the superrich upper 2% which would largely cover our budget deficits, e.g. the Walmart estate alone would do the extension of unemployment benefits.

3) None too covertly playing the racist game of blaming the shortage of jobs on Latinos and African Americans — those who are actually suffering the most from our weak economy!

So far as their own solutions to these problems, one will hear little or nothing from Republicans. Theirs is the attack mode which Obama has faced constantly while trying to unify the nation in the face of real threats — economics, terrorists, and a couple of nations intimating nuclear attacks on us and ours — North Korea and Iran. A nation so divided is an easy target for hostile support from here, there and elsewhere.

I could document all of the above extensively. Unhappily the really cruel facts are rarely covered by the major sources of information for most busy Americans — TV and radio chains largely owned and operated by our superrich. The recent attack on Shirley Sherrod was manifestly racist and launched by a known to be right wing lying political hack — and jumped on by our media which should have sought facts rather than ratings as their goal. I appreciate CNN spending much time setting the record straight. But I suspect we shall see more of this sort of stuff. People tend to believe what they see on TV and racism is easy to promote.

And so it will go. Can the Democrats take on this c–p and get the message out to the general public how they are being had and the risks to them of Republican victories? Remember, the Supreme Court has authorized corporations to spend whatever they want on candidates and they are the ones with the big money and greedy profit motives.

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

Ed Kent [blind copies]

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