Will the Real Muslim Culture Please Stand Up?

By David Schussler


We have become so indoctrinated by the “University of Diversity” that we have become blinded to reality. Do we have to become someone else just to understand that there are differences? Must we accept all of the differences? Cultures are not religions and religions are not cultures. At its onset each religion came into being in a certain region where inherently it became first antagonistic to, and then synonymous with, the culture where it was born. As these religions migrated to new regions they homogenized into those regions taking on the attributes of the new areas. Most times the religion changed to accommodate the prevalent beliefs and often the mannerisms and interpreted language. As people found fault with the original text basis, or current religious leaders, they founded new sects with new leaders. Eventually these religions found their way across the world and rooted wherever they could find acceptance. The stronger the minister, the greater the congregation. This has evolved to the situation that we have today. There is only one Jesus and at one time there was only one following. Today there are many diverse churches of Christ. The same is true of the Jewish faith, the Muslim faith, the Buddhist faith, the Hindu faith, and many indigenous beliefs. Just because they may have been originally founded on good principles does not mean that they still exist today’s fractionated churches. Does John Jones or David Koresh ring a bell?

Recently, as reported by Bob Egelko, SanFrancisco Chronicle, the U.S. Supreme court upheld a California school’s right to teach about Islam by having the students engage in religious activities in class for three weeks. Just which culture was being taught, I wonder? Saudi culture, Iraqi culture, Phillipino culture, Indonesian culture, African culture Islamic terrorist culture? Which translation of the Quran was used? Was this teacher so well versed in the philosophy and history of religions so as not to misguide our children with misinformation?

Our children are like sponges, intellectually hungry, and willing to learn what their mentors are teaching. It is our responsibility as parents ( and supreme court judges) to protect our children and filter as well as we can the information that is given to them in the form of education. Religious beliefs are not cultures and the truth about what “radical Muslim terrorists” are doing is in the news for all to learn, including our children. Hopefully this teacher was intending to teach our children that not all Muslims hate Christians, Jews, and Americans of all faiths, but this is not the teachers job. Certain misguided factions of the Muslim faith believe that these killings are the true teachings of Islam.

Children, like adults, just need to learn what is right from wrong, good from evil, and how to develop this into their own personalities. As they grow up they can explore religions as their curiosity allows them, and if they choose. They can decide for themselves which fractionated part of a religious sect they wish to engage in, if any, and they do not need anyone in an authoritative place outside their home to indoctrinate them with misinformation that could perhaps lead them down a false path.

To good Muslims of the world you must be fearless and unite and stand up for what is true and right, we Americans are doing it for you and with you in Iraq. You are the majority. Teach your children the respect that you know for all mankind and don’t let your false brethren speak for you. If you believe that there is such a thing as a peaceful Muslim culture, Please Stand Up!

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