The Supreme Court of India has stated in no uncertain terms that the tendency of Indian politicians to provide cast based reservations needs to be regulated. Successive political upmanship has made “Reservation for the deprived classes” a tool to “Deprive the hitherto non deprived classes”.  Several state Governments have reservations upto 67 % in education, jobs and promotions in jobs based on the caste of the candidate. If this continues, hw can the caste system be removed?
In fact a whole generation has grown in India after the independence and introduction of reservations who do not know what was the caste based discriminations and untouchability that prevailed in the earlier days and who were responsible for them. Now what they are seeing is the discrimination against the so called ” forward castes” which only means they are not in the list of the privileged castes who have been termed “backward” and made eligible for many of the benefits of the government. These forward caste population has been seeing dwindling opportunities for education and employment to the extent that day by day they are becoming economically pushed to the corner.
How long will this reverse discrimination be tolerated?.. A sociologist will say that there is a limit to the tolerance of any discrimination. Soon affected people will revolt. This opinion of the sociologists is now upheld by the Indian supreme court in its decision on the need to keep the “Creamy Layer” within the reservation community out of further benefits. While any common man would see the logic that a son of a multi billionaire minister or a government servant does not need the privileges meant for the tribals, the vested interests do not seem to agree.
In this context the observation of the five judge bench of the Supreme Court that “..extending the benefit of reservation … would perpetuate ‘casteism’ in the country and result in ‘reverse discrimination’” is a point to be noted. The supreme court also ahs expressed  that any reservation should not exceed the ratio of 50%.
Instead of accepting this judgement and finding the means to eliminate the reservations on a phased manner, some elements in the ruling Government are thinking of bringing constitutional amendments to annul the supreme court judgement.
Knowing that the present ruling Government is controlled by the Congress which has a history of legislation aimed at reversing judicial pronouncements wherever electoral politics is involved, it cannot be ruled out that the law may be changed to defeat the Supreme Court decision.
If so, it will be one more step taken to divide the Country which is already divided. Unfortunately, the only credible alternative to the current political dispensation which is the BJP is also not having men who can stand up to such causes. After Jayaprakash Narayan, there has been no leader who could command the national respect on such issues.
We need leaders who work for “Equality for All..irrespective of caste or religion”. We need to look forward to a new political outfit with this motto.

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