Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith The 78th Annual Academy Awards (Oscars)- Red Carpet Arrivals Kodak Theater Hollywood, California- 05.03.06 Credit: Nikki Nelson / WENN By Honey Gillard

Stan Lee has revealed that ‘I Am Legend’ star Will Smith could be in the lead to become Captain America – if Barack Obama wins the presidential election this November.

The star role in the much anticipated comic film entitled ‘The First Avenger: Captain America” has previously been linked to such names as Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey, but now with America facing their first black president, Lee says that Smith “might be a really smart choice”.

The comic creator revealed: “”I would love us to do something with Will Smith. It would be a real leap to make Captain America black… It might be a really smart thing.”

Lee added that such a casting may be down to who makes it to the White House in November, as a Barack Obama victory could greatly affect Hollywood.

“If Barack Obama becomes President who knows… suddenly a lot of our characters will be black!” He stated.

In related news, Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith has claimed that she would love to play Michelle Obama [Barack’s wife] if a movie was made about him- especially if her husband could play Barack.

Jada says: “Somebody asked me ‘Would you be interested in playing Michelle Obama if there were a movie about [Barack]?’ and I said ‘Of course! I would play Michelle, I love her.”

Jada also feels that Will would be perfect for the role of the Democrat leader – because they have the same ears.

She adds: “It was crazy. I saw a picture of Will put up next to a picture of Obama and the likeness was incredible. They have both got those ears. They kinda look alike”.

“I had not even noticed it before until I saw the two pictures up against each other.”

‘The First Avenger: Captain America’ is set for a May 2011 release. No details of a Barack Obama film have been released as yet, but following the coming election there is sure to be one – no matter the outcome.

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