Fans of the HBO series Sex and The City which aired from 1999 to 2004 are anxiously waiting for the new movie that is scheduled to open on Friday in the U.S. after its world premier at Leicester Square, London, on 12 May.

They want to know if the character, Carrie, played by Sarah Jessica Parker will end up marrying “Mr. Big” or not. “Those people who like the show will expect the joy and the good times and the whimsy and the clothes and the cocktails and the salty language,” said actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who also produced the movie and TV series.” But what they might not expect is that the shank of the movie is pretty sad,” she said.

The character Carrie was in a relationship with a financier called “Big” when the series ended leaving fans wondering what their future would turn out to be. Other characters in the show were publicist Samantha, curator Charlotte and lawyer Miranda. The show which ran for six full seasons pulled in millions of television fans.

The beginning of the movie picks up just as the series left off. Carrie is with Big, Samantha is in Los Angeles with her boy toy, Charlotte and her husband are raising their adopted daughter, and Miranda is with her husband and son in New York.

“I always knew the big story left untold was literally the ‘Big’ story — would Carrie and Big get married? What would that be if they did or what wouldn’t it be?” said Michael Patrick King, writer and director of the film.

King said the script focuses on the difference between 35 and 40 and the things you let go of as you evolve.

But fans should not be worried — there is still a passion for fashion with the return of stylist Patricia Field, whose work on “Sex and the City” helped have it dubbed “the biggest thing in fashion since the invention of pants” by Elle magazine.

Parker said that she has archived all of her character’s clothes “that were not borrowed,” which proved useful when restocking Carrie’s apartment closet for the film.

Parker claims it wasn’t so easy getting this movie made. “To make a movie about four women over 40 is really not the way Hollywood likes to spend their money,” she said, adding that the studio was swayed by the devotion of the show’s fans

Actress, that plays Samantha, Kim Cattrall, was not willing at first to make the film but not because of the indifferences she was supposedly to have had with Parker which they both have worked out. They just laugh that off these days. “What a difference four years makes,” said Cattrall, who blamed exhaustion, a divorce, the end of the series, and her father’s diagnosis with dementia for her initial reluctance.

Kristin Davis who plays Charlotte and Cynthia Nixon both were happy to do the movie. They saw it as a dream come true. “We thought we were dead and we were resurrected,” Nixon said.

Critics seem to think the film has received mixed reviews earlier but they still have high hopes in it being very successful and who knows if it is a big hit there just might be a sequel made after this one.
Jan Barrett

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