With the World Cup about to start, and the performances of the warm up matches before us, it is time to start thinking of who are the best prospects for being the “Man of World Cup 2007”. (A recognition of the Naavi Rating Mechanism)

It is remembered that according to Naavi Rating Mechanism, points are allocated for Batting and Bowling and fielding. Roughly, two catches are equivalent to a wicket. Wicket keepers who tend to gobble up on an average more catches than other fielders therefore are assured of  points for about two catches in every match. All rounders have the best chance of making up points both in batting and bowling. If the batsmen or bowlers are openers, then their chances of earning points are higher.

Players from the team that reach the finals have 12 matches to play while other two semi finalists will have 11 matches. Other super eight players will have 10 matches to earn points. From the past records it appears that the best batsmen can have an average of around 60 to 70 so that he may earn an average of around 600 to 800 points depending on his scoring rate. Similarly the best bowler may get around 12 to 18 wickets and a possible 250 to 500 points.

Keeping these considerations in mind the following persons of each country appear to have the best chances for earning the title “Man of World cup 2007” or atleast the Best Bowler or Best Batsman recognitions.

Country Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
India Dravid Tendulkar Ganguly
Australia  Ponting  Gilchrist Watson
South Africa  Pollock  Kallis De Villiers
New Zealand  Bond  Vettori McMillan
West Indies Gayle Lara Samuels
England Flintoff  Pieterson Collingwood
Sri Lanka Jayasurya Muralidharan Sangakkara
Pakistan Yousuf Afridi Inzamam


Amongst these country bests, who will be the best overall?.. is the challenge of the contest “Predict the Man of World Cup 2007”. Cricket enthusiasts may watch the day to day changes in ratings at http://www.naavi.org/cwc_2007 and also join in the fun by participating in the contest.

Will you vote for Jayasurya? or Pollock? or Murali? … start thinking.


March 11, 2007

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