One of the big blocks against the Health bill in Congress was the possibility of taxpayer money paying for abortion.

The Catholic Bishops, who have been on record supporting universal health care for thirty years, declined to support the bill because the clintonsque language in the bill allowed what the bishops to call “money laundering” to pay for abortions by stealth.

So over the weekend, apparently a compromise was made, and 28 BlueDog Democrats and even Joseph Cao, a Louisiana Republican and ex Jesuit, got on board to help pass the bill.

Mission accomplished, right?

Well, apparently, the president doesn’t think so.

From the NYTimes:

WASHINGTON — President Obama suggested Monday that he was not comfortable with abortion restrictions inserted into the House version of major health care legislation, and he prodded Congress to revise them.

“There needs to be some more work before we get to the point where we’re not changing the status quo” on abortion, Mr. Obama said in an interview with ABC News. “And that’s the goal.”

So it looks like the war to fund abortion is not finished, just in a truce, with plans to regroup and counterattack.

This is not a good sign, since the Catholic Bishops are unlikely to be silent about a slight of hand to fund what they consider as government sponsored (i.e. encouraged) killing of the unborn.

How will you know that the Obama administration will be planning a “sleight of hand” to fund abortion?

Well, if you see the press starting to quote from groups who are linked to the Democratic party who use the word “Catholic” in their name but don’t have the backing of any Catholic bishops, it might give you a hint that the slight of hand is trying to conceal that your taxes will pay for abortion (and probably in the future, pay for assisted suicide, and euthanasia by “futile care law”).


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.


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