CNN is reporting that there is to be a “new beginning” in the US relationship with Cuba.

Yet Cuba continues to jail dissidents, and has not changed it’s policies (so loved by the western social planners) that let the neighborhood busy bodies butt into your private life.

Shouldn’t a “new beginning” mean something?

At the same time, I’m happy that President Obama’s Persian New Year message reached out to the Iranian people who are chaffing under that country’s theocracy, but with elections coming up in that country, should he give the appearance of giving in by “talking” to their radical president (which gives him a political victory)?

But the worst news is that the Obama administration has decided that FARC are not terrorists, but “insurgents”. This has ominous implications.

You see, FARC in Colombia is essentially a drug gang with leftist ideology that allows them sympathy and funding from radical leftists in Europe etc. They have used their money to fund left wing insurgents and candidates in Argentina and other countries.

Under Bush’s War on Terror, the funding of these murderous groups that were designated as “terrorists” has been slowed.

But once they are no longer designated “terrorists”, will the funding start again?

Well, why not? After all, President Obama is so busy making friends with the far left leaders of South America that he is probably not interested in helping Colombia stop it’s fifty year war against the communists and drug lords.

If FARC, whose kidnapping policies and murders of ordinary people have caused millions of Colombians to take to the street in protest, is not a terrorist organization, then one wonders who is next?

I am specifically thinking of the communist insurgents here in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, we have “insurgents”: both the communist NPA and the various Muslim groups.

The communist NPA is much weaker in recent years, with some of their leaders entering politics. Why? Because of the war on terror. Before the war on terror started, they were able to get funding by European leftists. Now that has decreased significantly, so many have given up and rejoined society even becoming politicians.

Unfortunately others have branched out into extortion, kidnapping, and doing hits for hire.

My worry is that President Obama will not recognize the success of the Philippine government fighting these groups, and start allowing them the dignity of being “insurgents” (with the ability to get more funding from their fellow travelers).

This would be bad for the growing middle class that is the hope of the country. The middle class are usually the ones who are at the most risk from these thugs.

You see, the rich have bodyguards and are not above doing their own “extrajudicial killing” in revenge.

But gun possession is forbidden for ordinary citizens, who must rely on dogs and machetes for self defense against these thugs.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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