I thought the Wilderness Committee was about saving trees, not cutting down Israel.

But it was on the Wilderness Committee website that I saw an announcement for today’s launching of a boycott ofChapters-Indigo books. On the Wilderness website, boycott organizers were provided space to remind readers that Israel-supporters Heather Reisman and her husband Gerry Schwartz are the primary owners of this bookstore chain. And to warn customers that this couple is up to no good.

A bookstore that kills?”, was the message scrawled on a piece of beige cardboard held by a twenty-something woman standing by the front door of Chapters in downtown Vancouver today. She was one of 10 people standing in front of the Robson St. store, the one in the new building designed to look like it’s toppling over, the one where you can buy a book or a Starbucks coffee. The protesters stood holding placards or handing out leaflets or asking customers to think twice before buying a book that would put money into the pocket of Heather Reisman. At the bottom of the placard was a web address for the “new socialist”.

A man in his early twenties with short brown hair stepped toward me and said politely, “Would you like a flyer?” “Boycott Chapters-Indigo?” he continued as he handed me a white and black flyer. He had a spiel and he said it all in one big mouthful: “We’re boycotting Chapters for their support of Israeli apartheid and Israeli war crimes against Palestinians and their support of the Israeli defense force. So we’re boycotting Chapters because of their funding and their support for that.”

Heather Reisman, being not a new socialist but a smart capitalist, saw these people coming. She tried to sell a book to customers whose attention was being turned to Middle Eastern issues. She put “Heather’s Pick” on prominent display just inside the door of the store. Heather’s Pick: “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It was billed as “a great book personally chosen and loved by Indigo CEO Heather Reisman – 20% off, members save 10% more.” Hirsi Ali writes about the pernicious abuse of women by Islamists with whom the leftists on the sidewalk out front had aligned themselves. Heather was making a buck and making a point.

Members of Vancouver’s Blue Revolutionary movement also wish to make a point. There is talk amongst them of holding their next meeting at Starbucks, inside Chapters, in the building that appears to be toppling over.

The Blue Revolution is a movement big in France, and budding in Vancouver and other cities around the world. Blue Revolutionaries take the attitude that the world is better off with Israel and the U.S. and that western leftists aligning themselves with Middle Eastern Islamists are misguided. I spoke to Dag Walker, one of the founders of the Vancouver Chapter of the Blue Revolutionary. He called the Chapters boycotters, “Death Hippies.”

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