For months now the public has been wondering if perhaps the state of Florida will change their minds about going after the death penalty for the tot’s mom. Well according to the state’s attorney has filed a letter of intent Monday to do just that.

I guess we all know what this would mean. If this happens then Jose Baez would not be able to defend Casey Anthony in this case because he is not qualified to defend a client in a death penalty case. He doesn’t have the required amount of experience by the Florida Bar Association.

Casey Anthony has been in jail held without bond after a grand jury handed down an indictment for first degree murder against her. When the announcement was made her attorney, sleazebag, Jose Baez, had a press conference with his client standing by his side occasionally wiping tears from her eyes which is something that was very rare to see. In fact it was only the second time after all this started that I believe we saw her crying, with the first time being when she found out her bail was too high for someone to get her out of jail when she was first arrested. From what the public could see this woman has shed tears only for herself.

The state had said before this that they were not going to seek the death penalty. Now though the state attorney’s office is saying that “sufficient aggravating circumstances” are the reason for their decision to go for the death penalty now.

Personally I think anyone found guilty of murdering an innocent child should automatically get them the death penalty and I don’t think they should qualify to sit on death row for twenty years in hopes that their sentence will be overturned. I think they should be executed right away. Too many murderers sit on death row only to find a way to get free again instead of being put to death.

That is a lot of wasted taxpayers money if you ask me. The cost of feeding them, clothing them, and keeping them with a roof over their heads costs quiet a bit. Add up the cost per day averaging at say $80 per day. Multiply that times 365 days a year and you get, $29,200 a year. Now just say they are on death row for 15 years. That would be the cost of $438,000 for those 15 years. Now correct me if I am wrong here but that could help feed a lot of homeless people, not to mention a lot of starving children in this world.

Now I seem to recall hearing a so called expert witness on one of the news programs on TV make a statement a while back saying that most likely the state would not seek the death penalty because they would fear the jury would sympathize with the Anthony’s since they have lost their granddaughter so they wouldn’t want to hurt them more by them losing their daughter too. Well I say boo-hoo for the Anthony’s. These days they have shown no grief whatsoever for their granddaughter so why should their feelings be considered here. Besides why should a cold blooded killer be spared the death penalty just so her parents don’t suffer more.

They have gone on with their campaign to convince everyone that their brat daughter is innocent and it appears obvious that they are wanting to try and lay the blame on Jesse Grund, Casey’s ex-fiancé or her ex-best friend Amy Huizenga. Baez has recently filed yet another motion asking a judge to allow him to subpoena the phone records from a dozen people which include George, Cindy and Lee Anthony. What is he fishing for now? Maybe he is setting plan 1007 (sarcastic remark on my part) to try and shift the blame to one of the Anthony’s which I have been saying for weeks now. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Casey didn’t try pinning this on one of them since every other angle they have tried seems to fail. And it certainly wouldn’t shock me if one of them didn’t stand up and say OK, I did it, let Casey out of jail now. They have given this girl her way all of her life so why not now. The whole family needs help if you ask me.

Jose Baez released a statement this afternoon after the state announced their decision to seek the death penalty.

“This is no a death penalty case. We will do whatever is necessary to defend Casey Anthony from the state trying to take her life. We already have death qualified defense lawyers on our team and are prepared for a vigorous defense.” said Baez.

Sounds to me like he is more interested in hanging onto his position on the so called “dream team”.

I guess we will all have to wait for the outcome of this case. I know there are some that have sympathy for the Anthony’s and they can say what they want about my opinion of them. I still stand by my opinion that all four of the Anthony’s should be in jail and if Casey doesn’t get the death penalty let them all live in that little cell room of Casey’s together day in and day out, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. One of them would save all the taxpayers a lot of money because living together would make them all want to kill each other.

I pray this will all come to an end soon and justice for little Caylee will finally come. Then she can rest in peace forever. God bless you Caylee Marie Anthony.

Jan Barrett

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