There has been a lot of questions concerning how come Casey Anthony was released from jail on July 17 a completely free woman when she was clearly ordered by the court to serve a one year probation once she was released from prison.

In January 2010, Judge Stan Strickland sentenced Casey Anthony to probation after she plead guilty to the seven counts of check fraud. She had stolen checks from her friend and went on an apparent shopping spree with them. She couldn’t have denied doing so since she was caught on video tape in a few different places writing out checks and even cashing them.

The problem that has caused all the uproar is that the Department of Correction had interpreted the sentence to mean that Casey would be serving her probation while still in jail waiting on her murder trial. This is not what Judge Strickland had ordered though. He ordered the probation to be served after her release from jail.

cheney-mason-vulgar-gesture.jpgMonday, August 1, 2011, Judge Strickland signed an amended order stating that she was to start the probation once she was free from behind bars. Now of course you know the big bad lawyers, Jose Baez, and Mr Finger himself, Cheney Mason, think that Casey is above and beyond obeying the law. They seem to think she doesn’t deserve to have to serve on probation. Mason filed a motion Tuesday saying she had already served her probation behind bars and to make her do so now would be double jeopardy. The emergency motion is to “quash, vacate, and set aside the court’s order” They claim that according to Florida State law, an amendment can not be made more than 60 days after it was originally signed.

‘An inmate can’t serve probation while in jail, said Karin Moore, a law professor at Florida A&M College of Law, so Mr. Strickland has the ability to correct what he may consider an illegal sentence.

“He can correct an illegal sentence any time, which he thinks he is doing now,” Mr. Moore said.

To me that would mean what the defense is claiming that has expired does not apply to this amendment made by Strickland. .

The cry baby’s are also crying prejudice against the judge simply because the man had an opinion of his own about whether or not Anthony was guilty and he expressed it on public TV. I think personally that they could be considered prejudice towards their client as well for thinking she is innocent, well thinking that publicly at least. I honestly think they think she is guilty as sin though.

On “The Early Show,” Casey Jordan, a legal analyst and criminologist, said the real question now is if Anthony understood she was on probation while in jail.

Jordan said, “(Her attorney) says that she was interviewed, but doesn’t appear any probation officer went to visit her. There were conditions that were laid out in that order. … I find this comical (in the order that includes), ‘stay away from all people involved in crime,’ well, she’s in jail, so that’s already a violation. I don’t know whether she paid her $20 a month for her probation supervision fee. As far as I know, she didn’t hold down a job, which is also condition of probation. It was simply a clerical error in terms of putting the word “concurrent” in (the order), in the sentence before it said that she shall serve it upon release. You can’t have it both ways, but does raise the legal question, should she get off on the technicality.”

For unknown reasons Judge Stan Strickland has decided to recuse himself from the check fraud case now. Once again he could have been bullied by the defense team as they accused him of being prejudice against their client. Judge Belvin Perry will be taking over the case.

I don’t understand how they can tie in the murder case with the check fraud case anyway. They are totally different cases. If Casey’s life is in danger if she returns, then the defense team should have to provide her protection not the state. No other person on probation would be given special treatment, so why should she? She doesn’t deserve it and I don’t care what her attorney’s say.

I guess we will all know how this will go by tomorrow. I am anxious to see if they give her special treatment or not. If they do I think the whole country should really object. I am sure they will really have a public outcry if she gets away with this too. They just think the public hates her now, let her get away with this and see how the people will react.

Jan Barrett

UPDATE: Orange County Judge Belvin Perry has issued a stay of Judge Stan Strickland’s directing Anthony to report to Florida probation officials Thursday in Orlando.

Perry stayed the motion by Judge Stan Strickland, to hear the defense team’s arguments. He scheduled a hearing for 9 a.m. ET Friday; Anthony will NOT attend according to the Orlando Sentinel.

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