I was watching Nancy Grace tonight about the newest developments on the Caylee Anthony case. Caylee has been missing now for about 10 weeks and her mother Casey is still keeping quiet.

To bring you up to date some preliminary test results from the Body Farm at the University of Tennessee’s Forensic Anthropology Facility came back confirming evidence of decomposition in the trunk of the car that Casey Anthony abandoned in a parking lot but it hasn’t been determined if it were that of poor little Caylee or not. The air test that was used is a fairly new type of testing but investigators say it is very reliable.

Leonard Padilla was asked whether or not he regrets getting involved in this case and he admitted that yes he does. Also he was directly asked if they can revoke the bond now and have Casey put back into jail. He says they certainly can do that. He was then asked how come they haven’t.

Leonard says this isn’t his call. He says that would be the choice of his nephew, Tony Padilla since he is the actual bail bondsman. He claims that his nephew will more than likely be making that decision sometime tonight.

Padilla expressed his sympathy for the grandparents when this news hits them thinking it will devastate them. Personally I don’t think either of them will be shocked in reality. Of course in the public eye they will have to act shocked so they won’t be accused of accessories after the fact. I don’t know how on earth that they can not know.

The lawyers on the show discussed the possibility of the prosecutor’s office offering Casey Anthony a deal of immunity. They say this would not be to prevent them from formally charging her with a more serious crime but it would be an offer of a limited immunity deal which means they would not be able to use her exact words in court.

They are claiming that they want to know if this was an accident or an actual murder and only Casey can offer that information. Therefore they are considering offering her this deal. Nancy Grace got on the phone tonight and says in her opinion there should not be any immunity deal offered and I agree with her. Casey Anthony has been given way enough time to tell the truth. Why go easy on her now? The attorney says this way it would give the family some closure on all of this to end it. I say this family already knows about what has happened, so what closure do they deserve.

In my opinion even if it were an accident she still committed a very serious crime that should not go unpunished. Covering up a crime and leading authorities on wild goose chases alone should be punishable by law.

Jan Barrett

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