One man looks at a forested wilderness and sees the future of people who might live there; one woman sees those forests as the places which have taken her man and her children from her and yet she must keep on walking through them, looking for a home; then there’s the evolution controversy, the effect of whiskey, the persistence of family, the preacher, the hunter, the squaw… “We all must find a road that takes us to our destiny — all know is that I want you there with me. We will go a long long log way, what will come no one can say,” Krista Detor’s writes of a family’s journey.

History told in stories and visions, from bones of ancients unearthed to visions of futures yet unknown to connections not yet made.

The setting and subject of all this is southern Indiana and northern Ohio at the time when those places were still unknown frontier. The intrepid people who. each for their own reasons, set out to make a life and a living there were what inspired the short stories in Scott Russell Sanders’ book Wilderness Plots In his stories, musician Tim Grimm heard songs yet unsung. He brought the book to his song writing friends Tom Roznowski, Krista Detor, Michael White, and Carrie Newcomer.

They each created their own stories, some directly inspired by Sanders’ work, others sparked by thinking about that frontier life and the people who lived it. Enough detail to set their visions and their hopes in time and place; enough of that vision to make real connections to today. Five great voices, dashes of humor, faith, and harmony, creating history that goes far beyond the reading of the page and yet is true to that vision, and to the lives lived out before the stories were written.

wilderness plots

Kerry Dexter ‘s work has appeared in, CMT, the folk music magazine Dirty Linen, Strings, The Encyclopedia of Ireland and the Americas, The MusicHound Guides, and Symphony . She also writes about the arts and creative practice at Music Road .

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