Blogging from Phoenix – The United Kingdom, through its Internet service providers has censored Wikipedia, for publishing an article, which included the image of a young naked girl on an album cover. The album “Virgin Killer” was first released in 1976 by the Scorpions. The cover was changed soon after because of the controversy it caused, a public outrage, those selling the record hoped to generate in the form of sales.
In England, Big Brother takes on the form of a group called the Internet Watch Foundation, and because it decided the image was offensive, and because ninety percent of the United Kingdom’s Internet Service Providers use their blacklist, it was blocked in England. Many users then discovered, the block also prevents them from being able to edit even those articles Big Brother does not prohibit.
The official reason the album cover was flagged earlier this month for banning, is because it was judged to be a “potentially illegal indecent image of a child under 18.” Wikipedia countered by saying no jurisdiction in the world has made the image illegal, and in fact it is hosted on a number of other sites. Because Wikipedia is open for anyone to edit, there is a running debate about the album cover in the history of the “Virgin Killer” page. Users have been debating the topic for over a year, with the end result being those who find the image offensive, pointed toward instruction on how to configure their browser to prevent its display.

It’s always been difficult to refrain from a rant when I observe institutionalized censorship in any form, You are preaching to a grand-father and member of the choir when you call for strict laws and draconian punishment of monsters who exploit children, that said I would rather live in a world ruled by pedophiles, then be governed by individuals who attempt to censor what I choose to read or write, the latter are more dangerous to the future of my children then any threat a pervert could ever pose.

In my opinion, the image is inappropriate for an album cover, selected by the record label P.R we are told, purely for the shock value of the era. But many others, consider it topical to the theme of the music. What is not disputable from the standpoint of civil libertarians, is the fact for the last twenty five years, freedom of speech, worldwide has been under a continued assault.

And sadly, it is Western nations that have been at the forefront of the campaign to limit, restrict and regulate intellectual freedom.

that’s my view, yours may be different


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