Obviously the ‘Wiki’ name is a common one, Wikipedia and Wikileaks being the best known ones. But there are Wiktionary, Wikibooks, in fact there is a ‘wiki’ for just about everything you can imagine. Quite what the big attraction is to establishing an anarchic Wiki environment is beyond me. But, if it is good enough for everyone else, well I have to try it.

I can honestly admit that I have yet to figure out the purpose of Facebook and Twitter, but they seem to be all the rage. It is still a mystery as to how someone can say “Am at Starbucks and have ordered a Latte” and 50 people leave messages. I guess I am just too old to appreciate the potential.

Wiki things look more fun and informative. It offers the opportunity for people to share their knowledge on a particular subject. Obviously you must choose your subject with care.

While I have nothing against Ecuador, I am sure that it is a very fine country, I am not so sure that I want to live in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. This fate alas is what Julian Assange is up against. In blunt terms, Sweden wants to cut his willy off, and the US want to cut his head off.

Obviously I value both my willy and my head!

Having spent considerable time contemplating the icky situation that Julian Assange finds himself in, well, I have no plan on joining him.

My plan is WikiLeeks.

The Leek is a mild flavored cousin of the Onion and Scallion. To the best of my knowledge it is not a political plant. It has no Super Pac’s supporting it. The Leek has no lobbyists, the Leek is just the Leek.

I can see no reason why anyone might grumble about WikiLeeks, but of course I don’t have the entire story. It is possible that the Green Onions might grumble that the Leeks are taking over. The Yellow Onion may ask questions about foreign policy. But who cares?

I like leeks, they were not responsible for the meltdown of the banking system, they were certainly not the cause of the Automotive crisis, and as far as I know they have never waged war against any other vegetable, never mind country!

So the big question is… What could go wrong with Wikileeks?

Simon Barrett

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