The widow of a man who died from asbestos cancer, known as mesothelioma, has recently spoken out at his inquest. The coroner ruled that he died from industrial disease having been exposed to the deadly substance asbestos when working for British Rail.

The train driver died a couple of months ago at the age of seventy four. He worked for British Rail for fifty years before he retired. According to reports he regularly cleaned out asbestos from fire boxes while training to be a train driver.

His widow stated: “Frank would tell me about how some of the workers would make snowballs out of the asbestos to throw at each other while they were messing about, or make it into a football and kick it about. He was a fit man who was never ill. He tended to his allotment every day for 35 years and had years in him until he fell ill. I feel really cheated and angry and feel something should have been done about this years ago. Companies must have known it was dangerous.”

His daughter added: “He was young-looking and strong for his age, which makes it all the more sad that he was taken from us by this disease. He lived for his job and would not have done anything else.”

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