A widow from the UK has been awarded half a million pounds, equating to around eight hundred and thirty thousand dollars, after she lost her husband to the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma. The award was made to sixty give year old Carol Devoy, whose husband died two years ago from the cancer.

Mrs Devoy stated that it was bad enough to lose a partner in this way for anyone, but that in her case she had lost more than just the company of her husband. Mrs Devoy suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, and as well as losing her husband she also lost her carer, as her partner used to care for her due to her illness.

The judge in the case was told that if her husband had still been alive he would have continued to care for her. He was told that because of Mrs Devoy’s Parkinson’s Disease along with a serious spinal condition she needed constant care, which had been provided by her late husband.

It is believed that the half a million pounds that was awarded to the widow is a record amount in the UK. Speaking of her late husband Mrs Devoy said: “If Alex had still been alive he would have continued to look after me. He was always on hand in the house.”

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