It has been reported that a subsidiary of the Australian building materials manufacturer, James Hardie, is trying to sue an Australian city council over a worker’s compensation claim made some years ago. The council that is being sued is Ipswich Council in the state of Queensland, and the city mayor has expressed his outrage over the lawsuit.

The complaint, which has been filed at the District Court of Queensland, pertains to a worker’s compensation claim that was filed some years ago by the city council on behalf of a city council worker, and on which the company ended up having to pay out compensation.

Amaca Pty Lts, which is the former subsidiary of James Hardie, claims that the worker was actually exposed to asbestos by the City Council as a result of the work that he did for the council. The worker, Anthony Harry Cannon, worked for the city in the 1970s.

The city council had sued the company successfully after the worker contracted asbestosis, and the company had to pay out the equivalent of nearly one hundred and seventy thousand US dollars. The city mayor has described the legal action as “disgusting and disgraceful” and “un-Australian”.

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