The widow of an asbestos victim in the UK is appealing for workers who were colleagues of her former husband to come forward to help her in her battle to win compensation. The man from Peterborough died of an asbestos related disease after being exposed to the deadly substance during the course of his work. The widow is asking for the help of anyone that worked at R M Douglas Limited in Whickham, near Gateshead between 1973 and 1974 and Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council, between 1975 and 1977.

Her late husband Mr Johnson died from mesothelioma, the asbestos related cancer, at the age of fifty nine. A verdict of asbestos related industrial disease was recorded by the coroner. According to reports Mr Johnson was exposed to high levels of asbestos dust and fibers over the course of his career while working for the defendants, and this led to him developing asbestos related cancer.

Mrs Johnson stated as part of her appeal: , “I have lost an absolutely wonderful husband because of this dreadful illness and I am finding it very difficult to come to terms with my loss. Eddie started his legal claim and I am determined to continue this to see that justice is done. Any help anyone can provide to me will be greatly appreciated”.

A lawyer working for the widow stated: “We believe that Mr Johnson’s mesothelioma was caused by exposure to asbestos dust and fibre while employed at R M Douglas Ltd. and Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council. Unfortunately, both are disputing that Mr Johnson would have been exposed to asbestos while employed by them at these points in time and we are appealing for any of his former colleagues or indeed other men who worked for these companies between 1973 and 1977 to come forward to assist with the legal claim.”

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