The widow of the late Bernie Banton, who was the face of asbestos campaigning in Australia , recently attended the launch of a new asbestos research group in Brisbane . The new group, called simply the Asbestos Research Group, was set up by the Wesley Research Institute.

Bernie Banton has been the face of asbestos campaigns for some years, and his widow, Karen Banton, said that she would have loved for his last few years of life to have been more enjoyable. However, she said that her husband’s convictions and determination to help others would not have allowed him to sit back and relax.

Mrs Banton said: “I would have liked that for him, but Bernie’s faith in God and his strong sense of justice just compelled him to want to do all he could to fight for others. I certainly didn’t want to stand in the way of that and did all I could to assist him.”

She went on to state: “It has, of course, been difficult as it is for any family that lose their loved one but Bernie was a very special human being and … it has been tough.” She added: “Today brings hope of improved quality of life for those affected by asbestos exposure and ultimately a future free of asbestos-induced sickness. Beyond the boardroom and courtroom battles, this is truly Bernie’s long-term legacy.”

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