The widow of a UK man who died from the asbestos cancer, mesothelioma, has finally been paid out following a settlement that was reached four years ago. Mr Frederick Hughes died from the incurable cancer, which stems from exposure to asbestos dust and fibers, back in 2001.

Dorothy Hughes, who was married to him for forty six years, was then awarded compensation of sixty thousand pounds in 2005, which is the equivalent of nearly one hundred thousand dollars. However, because the insurance company of the engineering firm Vernon & Roberts went bust she had to continue fighting to get the payout.

However, former directors of the firm have now been forced to make the payout and settle the case. The widow expressed relief at the final settlement of the case, and said that she now intends to spend more time with her great grandchildren.

She said: “No amount of money will make up for losing my husband. This case should never have taken as long as it has, people should have accepted their responsibilities sooner. I am relieved now that it is over.”

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